Celebrating Our Mentors

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During November's Anaplan Live! @ChrisWeiss encouraged those in attendance to share the names of individuals within the Anaplan ecosystem who have been mentors in one way or another. From being experts in all things Anaplan, to helping guide others in their career paths, to just being a friendly voice - mentorship is alive and well. It truly takes a village! 

When I think about those who have mentored me over the years, there are a few common factors. They have all been, without question:

  • Supportive
  • Encouraging
  • And most importantly they have all had and have- a drive and willingness to assist and inspire.

Below you will find all of the wonderful individuals who received a shout out during Anaplan Live!


@James.Bryson @ablack  @CatherineH  @mdaniel  @aaron_overfors @jesse_pennoni 

@BeccaR @simon_tucker @Traci.gearhart @jethrovanderveer @Lander.Bruneel @DavidSmith @gazwillott84 

@CommunityMember83403 @kirill.barshevs @jenniferkim @johndorma @jon @andy_hammons 

@Fayazs117280 @cbates  @Danielle_D @damien.bouquier @haylejb @u06gr8 @linda_erickson @AlistairWalls 

@greg_kajewski @mayaaz @noelle_murphy @Tiffany.Rice @mike.allen @StaceyBrooks 

@Will12  @joleary  @crankin  @SPAINHOWER @Craig_Williams @daniel.louie @niese2598 

@SherikaE @HarvettaN @FrancineS @alexpavel  @andrew_martin_1 @ReshmaR @AdamB @alan_lam 

@michael.smith @greg_miller @Stephen @hillary_harnett @BryanB @Misbah @KenzaSH @Coach_Byers 

@csurf  @StevenK @SThwaite @jason.loh @Wendy @allison_slaught @shea.baker @s.jansenidw 

@rodonohue  @sander.dejong @ayema.aduku @jsn0013 

The following mentors received multiple mentions!

@rob_marshall @JaredDolich @markor3009  @mark_godfrey @Moritz @james_lo @MarinaDunets 

@NathanPalmer @CommunityMember93237  @john_hilborn @ryan_kohn @willians.s @jason.howard 

@david_madden @magelssen8 

As a new year is upon us, we think it’s especially important to recognize those who have made a difference in our careers & lives. In the comments, we’d love to hear about the people who have been instrumental in your journey with Anaplan. Your mentors!

As we move into 2022, we’re excited to continue that recognition and we promise to highlight as many of our incredible community members as possible.

Happy Holidays to you and yours! 


Thank you so much mentee/(s) and congratulations to all other mentors who have made a huge impact on other community members. Looking forward to another fantabulous year ahead!


I would like to thank my mentor @rob_marshall  for being such a great human being and nice colleague I wish I had known when I had started working a decade ago. Shout out to @JaredDolich for killing it. 


Thanks @Misbah for the shout out! My favorite moment in 2021 was seeing you earn the 350 Solution badge. You are the first person to ever earn it. Congratulations.

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Thank you all. Happy to be part of such an amazing community! 🙂


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 @noelle_murphy and @JaredDolich


Thank you all, I will shout your names in the balcony of my home.



Thank you! And you don't let me sleep over it, you keep chasing me :D. Your contributions to the community is priceless. 


Absolutely! Everybody deserves a shout out. Let me add few more, these too have been great in contributing towards community @einas.ibrahim @DaanishSoomar @ChrisAHeathcote @anand.shekhawat @AntonMineev





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Really appreciate @Misbah for the mention.

It's a pleasure to be a part of such a great community. 

Shout out to all our mentors for all the support and guidance. 




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@Misbah appreciate the shoutout! 

Certified Master Anaplanner

Thanks for the love everyone. This is truly an amazing community to be part of! 

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 @Misbah, thanks for the mention! 

Together we make a better community.
I doubt that any other software product has such a responsive and accurate response in the community.

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We have such an amazing Anaplan community! It is so inspiring to see how many were named as mentors and to think about the impact they have made to others in the community and to the Anaplan Ecosystem as a whole! I can't wait to see what amazing things each and everyone mentioned has in store for 2022!

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A mentor is an experienced and thoughtful leader who is committed to investing one's time to assist in the growth and development of others.  A mentor supports and encourages the professional development of the mentee and provides active guidance to help them achieve their goals.

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