Community Roundup: 09.07.18

Community Manager

The Community Roundup is here to help you stay on top of what's new and interesting in the Anaplan Community. Today we're presenting some new additions to the Anaplan platform and the Community, as well as sharing some exciting opportunities to connect with other Community members.

Idea Exchange

Idea_Exchange.pngIt's easy to let your voice be heard when you have a way to make things better.

If you've ever had an idea for an Anaplan improvement or enhancement, but you haven't been sure of how to request it...wonder no more! Last week, we launched our Idea Exchange, and our members are already submitting suggestions! You'll find the interface for browsing, filtering, and rating ideas is simple, and sharing your own is a snap! You'll always be able to see the status of your idea–whether other users are voting for it, or it's been accepted into our development roadmap, or even if it's already been delivered. Check out our recent blog post, Introducing the Idea Exchange, then log in and share your ideas!

Platform Updates

Have you subscribed to our Platform Releases blog? It's the best place to learn about what's new and upcoming with the Anaplan platform.

Recently, two new tools have been released to improve your platform experience. 

The brand new Excel Add-in (version 3.0) is here, with improvements to performance, infrastructure, flexibility, and design. Also now in general availability is the Anaplan v2 Connector for MuleSoft, which includes a long list of new and updated features that you can read about here.

Both of these updated tools offer increased security and performance for integrating and accessing your Anaplan data with other resources you use every day. Be sure to check them out and explore our Data Integration area in the Community to learn more.

Upcoming User Group Meetups

usergroups.pngUser Group Meetups are currently scheduled for both Houston and Dallas, Texas; France; and the Netherlands–with full details coming soon!

Anaplan User Groups offer opportunities to connect with and learn from other Anaplan users throughout the regions where you live and work. In addition to providing virtual spaces for interaction, many of our User Groups host in-person meetups throughout the year. These events provide a variety of ways to enhance your Anaplan experience, including customer stories, product roadmap discussions, Q&A sessions, and the chance to network with peers.

If you're not in one of these regions, keep an eye on the Upcoming Meetups tab of the User Groups page; we have more meetups being planned through the rest of the year. And if you would be interested in hosting a meetup, please let us know!