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2018 was an exciting year for the Anaplan Community. We launched new programs and features, experienced record growth, and began to expand our focus from providing content solely related to supporting the Anaplan platform to becoming a destination for Connected Planning content.

You—our members—have taken this journey with us. As we prepare for a new year of growth and change, we want to celebrate the achievements of the past year—things that you have requested, contributed, and made possible through your active engagement in the Community!


Let’s start with some high-level numbers:roundupstats2018.png

Those last two statistics are very exciting: growth in 2018 was nearly equivalent to the previous five years combined!

Top New Community Features

Our members have a voice, and the Community team remains committed to responding to your feedback with continual improvements! We rolled out a number of big changes to the Community in 2018, all focused on superior usability and top-shelf content.

  1. Idea Exchange. The new place to share (and vote on!) all your thoughts regarding enhancements to the Anaplan platform, website, or Community.
  2. Ask Me Anything. A recurring Q&A offering direct access to some of our top experts.
  3. Community Blog. Relaunched in August with new content focused on Connected Planning, Community News, and Anaplan.
  4. Consolidated Forums and Knowledge Bases. It is now easier than ever to locate needed content and participate in conversations relevant to you.
  5. Updated Community experience. Based on your input, we upgraded our search function, improved navigation, and redesigned the layout of every page in the Community to give you the smoothest possible site experience!

“The Community update looks amazing. Go team!”

– Anonymous survey response

Top Ideas

Since we launched the Idea Exchange in August, Community members have been actively suggesting upgrades, improvements, and changes to all kinds of things—and voting on their favorites. After checking out the top-ranked ideas (by number of votes) below, be sure to visit the Idea Exchange to let your voice be heard!

  1. Add Syntax Highlighting, submitted by @jeremy.paulmaz
  2. Alert Model Builders of Incorrect Formulas/References Prior to Testing, submitted by @Ksimek
  3. Add conditional formatting on multiple line items at once, submitted by @Manuela_Apostol
  4. ‘Freeze Panes’ Functionality When Scrolling in a Module within a Dashboard, submitted by @pbenz
  5. Configure Default Number format for an Anaplan Model, submitted by @Dlambert09

Top Forums

Ideas aren’t the only thing Community members are contributing. You’ve been helping each other out all year in the Forums. Below are the most active forums of the year. The top three spots consist of sections where model builders share tips and tricks and collaborate to solve modeling problems; the other two are from our Academy area, where model builders in training help each other through challenging sections of their coursework.

  1. Best Practices
  2. Modeling
  3. Calculation Functions
  4. 201: Intermediate Model Building
  5. 102: Introduction to Model Building

*Note: As of October, the Modeling and Calculation Functions forums have been consolidated into our Best Practices forum, but can still be accessed through the filters on the right side of the Forums page. Similarly, the forums for the 102 and 201 courses are now located within the consolidated Academy Courses and Training forums.

“It was great to network with fellow Anaplanners and members of the Anaplan team. I think you can gain more from seeing how others are using the system.”

– User Group attendee

Most Active User Groups

In addition to conversing in our forums, you’ve been interacting in our User Groups—both online and in-person. We added six new online groups, and we watched group engagement grow throughout the year. Here are the most active groups:

  1. London
  2. Moscow
  3. Benelux
  4. France
  5. Boston/Atlanta (tie!) 

Our User Group Leaders hosted 30 unique offline meetups in 2018. Our five best-attended meetup locations were:

  1. London
  2. France
  3. New York
  4. Chicago
  5. Atlanta

Most Active Members

While it takes everyone working together to be a true Community, some individuals go the extra mile. Here are our most active (non-employee) members:

  1. @PaulRitner
  2. @Devika
  3. @brendan_morriso
  4. @jennifer_keefer
  5. @kjacokes

Most Popular Blog Posts

The re-launch of the Community Blog provided a new avenue for creating lots of fun and informative new content. In case you missed them, here are the five posts Community members viewed the most during 2018:

  1. Community Roundtable: State of Connected Planning, Part 1
  2. 2018 Holiday Gift Guide for Planners
  3. 5 Things to Know about the Master Anaplanner Program
  4. ’Twas the Night Before Planning
  5. Community Costume Contest

We’ve said it before, but we have an awesome Community full of terrific members. Thank you for a great year, and here’s to an even greater one in 2019!

Master Anaplanner/Community Boss

Thank you for creating the Community and making our work easier ! Wish you all the best in the new year!

Master Anaplanner/Community Boss

Great statistics! 

It would be great to see the equivalent for the use of the Anaplan Platform! 

Is this something that is going to be published in the near future?

Community Manager

Thank you @Manuela_Apostol and @usman.zia! It doesn't sound like we have plans to release platform stats in the same way, but we'll certainly continue to watch for opportunities to publish something like that.