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Community Says is an ongoing series spotlighting some of the insights, advice, and information posted by our Community members. 

This week, we're featuring Community member and Anaplan partner Kevin Jacokes of Impetus Consulting Group, who recently helped a fellow Community member to troubleshoot an issue with importing data into Anaplan. Over the course of several forum posts, Kevin evaluated the other member's situation and ultimately helped solve the issue by taking him back to the beginning of his process and trying each step again, gradually eliminating potential sources of error.

You can read the full exchange in the discussion thread, but the quote we want to highlight is:

The next step I take in these instances is to re-create the import from scratch... Re-map everything


There are three important takeaways from this: 

  1. It is often necessary to go back to basics to solve a problem, especially when we've gotten so close to it that even a simple solution is hard to see. A second set of eyes can be just what we need to help us recognize that, so never be afraid to ask for help! The Anaplan Community is full of people ready to assist.
  2. Notice how quick Kevin was to jump in and help. According to our behind-the-scenes stats, only 48 minutes elapsed between the initial post and Kevin's first reply. Plus, he also made sure to see the situation through to the end—even offering to jump on a phone call. True Community in action!
  3. The original post author marked Kevin's response as an accepted solution, publicly indicating that it solved his problem. Accepted solutions appear with a checkmark in Community forums and search results, offering easy visibility to answers. This is a great way to communicate gratitude to helpful Community members and assist future users who may experience similar issues. Be sure to use this feature any time a Community member successfully answers one of your posts!

If you come across something in the Community that you find to be particularly insightful, add the Community Says tag to the post. We might feature it in a future edition of Community Says!

And we encourage you to participate in this or any of the discussions happening every day on the Community; your knowledge and experience might just hold the answer to someone else's dilemma.

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A well deserved kudos to @kjacokes!  Troubleshooting is not easy especially with complex data loads...starting at the beginning of the process and working through each step is a great best practice approach!