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We’re pleased to announce the expansion of single sign-on (SSO) across multiple Anaplan services!

On November 7, we expanded our Okta single sign-on to the Anaplan Academy Learning Center. We started with Anaplan Community in August by laying the groundwork for future connections between platforms to create a single sign-on experience for you to access Anaplan services.

Click here to download our new Learning Center tour guide.

Your Old Learning Center Login Process

Previously, you were required to log into your Anaplan workspace before you could access your Academy Learning Center dashboard. With this change on November 7, you are no longer required to log into your Anaplan workspace to access the Learning Center. You only need to access your Anaplan workspace if you are completing model-building training.

Your New Learning Center Login Process

There are two options listed for you below depending on whether you have activated an Anaplan Community account. Carefully review the two options below and follow the directions for the option that applies to you.

Option 1: You have already activated an Anaplan Community account. In this case, simply access our site at https://learning.anaplan.com and login with your email address and Community password. Remember, you will not have to log into your Anaplan workspace before accessing the Learning Center after the upgrade on November 7.

Option 2: You do not have an existing Anaplan Community account, or you have not yet activated your account. You should have received an activation email from our Anaplan Community on November 7. This email included an activation button that you need to click to connect to your upgraded Learning Center account. Your username is your email address, and you may be prompted to create a new password at that time. If you did not receive an email, please read the Next Steps section below.

Next Steps

If none of the options above apply to you, and you are unable to access your Learning Center account using the Learning Center Tour Guide, please email the Academy team at academy@anaplan.com.