Get to Know the Community Team: Holly Rieke

Community Manager

In the coming months, you'll meet the entire Community team and hear about our favorite planning tips and Community features. If you have any questions you'd like us to ask the team, feel free to share them in the comments section below! 

Today we're highlighting our Community Program Manager, Holly Rieke!

What do you do at Anaplan?Holly_3.png

As a Community Program Manager, I provide Anaplanners with opportunities to connect, collaborate, and share best practices through programs such as Ask Me Anything and User Groups. Working with Anaplan experts and leaders, and a talented Community team, my goal is to advance the use of Anaplan by connecting users around the world.

As a Community team member, I’m here to support my teammates in their initiatives in any way I can, celebrating their professional and personal successes. Relationship building has played a key role in my career, and I genuinely enjoy getting to know my fellow Anaplanners.

What is your planning style?

I’m a born planner with a love for a good old-fashioned checklist and paper calendar. Checking a box or crossing an item off my to-do list brings me pure joy! I’d qualify my style as thoughtful and deliberate, with a focus on identifying the desired finish line before I begin the race.

Do you have any favorite planning tips?

When I think about planning, I like to begin with the end in mind. By keeping in mind where I’m trying to get to, and, more importantly, why I’m trying to get there, I’m able stay on track and adjust when needed with as little impact as possible.  I also highly recommend writing things down. There’s a stickiness in putting plans to paper that can contribute to an increased level of dedication and commitment to your overall plan.

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Holly_1.pngFavorite aspect of working at Anaplan and your job:

The best part about Anaplan is, hands down, its people. They show up every day with a commitment to do great work. When faced with adversity, they rise to the challenge and have fun doing it. It’s been a highlight of my career watching Anaplan evolve over the last year-and-a-half. Anaplan has also allowed me the opportunity to expand my skillset and push myself beyond my comfort zone.

What does Community mean to you?

When I think of a community in general, the first thing that comes to mind is togetherness. Community evokes a sense of collaboration, belonging, and support. Communities come together for the common good and provide a place for members to give back. The Anaplan Community embodies all of these things, and so much more.

What should users expect from the Anaplan Community?

Members can expect opportunity—many opportunities exist to learn about Connected Planning and all things Anaplan. Whether we’re curating expert content, publishing Anaplan best practices, or delivering engaging programs, Community delivers its members a valuable place to connect, collaborate, learn, and find support.