Get to Know the Community Team: Kayne Schwarz

Community Manager

In the coming months, you'll meet the entire Community team and hear about our favorite planning tips and Community features. If you have any questions you'd like us to ask the team, feel free to share them in the comments section below! 

Today we're highlighting our Community Content Manager, Kayne Schwarz!

What do you do at Anaplan?Kayne_Blog_2_1.jpg

I am a Community Content Manager, which means I help customers, partners, and employees bring content to the Anaplan Community. This includes everything from knowledge articles and blog posts to release notes and Ask Me Anything videos.

What is your planning style?

I am an A-to-Z planner. Whether it’s planning a project, a vacation, or a single day, I have a good handle on where the event is (A) and where the event needs to be (Z). From there, I work my way through each step of a plan laying out the pieces one after another to get to that final goal. Think of it like laying a railway—I work my way across a plan and always keep my eyes open for a smoother, better path.

Do you have any favorite planning tips?

“Measure twice, cut once” is a classic favorite. It’s a simple reminder to double-check your direction and think through your plan/steps before diving in too deep.

Another tip is to always do as much planning up front as possible, follow that plan, and then always be ready for and open to changes in that plan. Murphy’s law can be beaten!

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Favorite aspect of working at Anaplan and your job:

There are many great options in this list, for sure. But, my overall favorite aspect is definitely the opportunities that Anaplan provides for each of us within the company. Every day we have an opportunity to connect with new people (customers, partners, and fellow Anaplanners!) and extend our network; grow in our careers and connect and collaborate with world-class peers; and live and strengthen our values as we blaze trails with our projects and programs.

Kayne_Blog_1.jpgWhat does Community mean to you?

Community is connection. It’s the bringing together of people from all different walks of life to focus on common goals. It’s a place to get what you need to succeed, and more importantly, give back to help others do the same. Furthermore, Community is always there for support. It’s something you can count on being there to help you in your journeys.

What should users expect from the Anaplan Community?

Members should really expect a one-stop-shop for all things Connected Planning and Anaplan model building from the Community. This includes original thought leadership content, spaces to connect with others both online and in-person, access to the Anaplan team and our subject matter experts, self-service support resources, training and education, and everything else they need to succeed with Anaplan in their role.