Get to Know the Community Team: Stan Gromer

Community Manager

In the coming months, you'll meet the entire Community team and hear about our favorite planning tips and Community features. If you have any questions you'd like us to ask the team, feel free to share them in the comments section below! 

Today we're highlighting our Community Administrator, Stan Gromer! 

What Do You Do at Anaplan?
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I generally hide behind the scenes wearing a few different hats, depending on the situation, while helping turn the gears to keep improvements coming for Community. In the past year, I’ve been able to work with the greater Anaplan team to launch the Idea Exchange, a new Support experience, our Ask Me Anything program, as well as updates to our navigation and Forums.

What Is Your Planning Style?

Lists. Endless lists.

Do You Have Any Favorite Planning Tips?

Use technology to your benefit. As a self-admitted geek, we have Amazon Alexa devices in all rooms of our house, as well as on my phone. It has become a habit in our house to just say “Alexa, add ‘apples and bananas’ to my to-do list” any time we run out of an item or even think of a task we need to get done. It syncs into, a to-do list app on various devices. Creating a shopping list went from an hour-long planning nightmare every week to being something that isn’t even a thought any longer.

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Favorite Aspect of Working at Anaplan and Your Job:

We have a really great team that is constantly working to further the experience of our end users, our partners, and our employees. We don’t mind being a bit different, debating the importance of llamas vs alpacas, or trying some wild ideas knowing they may not all work out in the end. Part of the fun is doing the impossible, which is what we constantly aim to do.

Stan_Blog_2.jpgWhat Does Community Mean to You?

It’s bringing folks together and helping everyone communicate information, hopefully in the easiest and seamless way possible. Part of it is also building the bond that keeps everyone coming back to not only learn more but also to feel comfortable in contributing or asking questions of the Community. It’s a fun and safe environment where you can connect.

What Should Users Expect From the Anaplan Community?

With plans to grow our user group capabilities, a single sign-in process, enhanced learning experience baked directly into Community, and better ways for our end users to communicate with one another, 2019 is going to see many great changes coming.  The Community team is listening and wants your feedback. Have an idea? Submit it to our Idea Exchange so we can get to work!