Introducing the Idea Exchange

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The Anaplan Idea Exchange is your new destination for sharing ideas with Anaplan, including enhancement requests for the Anaplan platform, our Community site, training courses, and more.

With this new open forum to submit your ideas, you can now give Kudos to ideas to help us know what is most important to our Anaplan users. Not only do we hope to foster more collaboration across our customers, but we are also committed to providing more regular updates on what we do with your requests. We want you to know your ideas are indeed being heard! We’ll keep you posted if an idea is being developed or if it just isn’t the right fit for our current roadmap.

See below to learn what you can do in the Idea Exchange, and then check out the Idea Exchange for yourself.

Navigate to the Idea Exchange

You can easily access the Idea Exchange in CommunityIdea_Exchange_0.png

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Submit an Idea

You may submit a new idea in the Idea Exchange using the Suggest an idea button. Enter a title for your idea, and then click the Check Title button to see a list of similar ideas that may have already been submitted. If another Community member has already posted the same idea, you can give Kudos to (or upvote) the existing idea, which lets us know that this idea is important to you.

As the rest of the Community continues this process, the top ideas will receive the most Kudos, indicating the ideas that other Community members deem the most important. Those top ideas are then prioritized for the Anaplan Product team to review.

If no existing idea matches your request, you may click the Continue and Post button to post your idea.

Track Your Ideas

There are convenient lists available to help you see the trending ideas (most viewed and commented), top ideas (most voted), and latest ideas (most recently posted). Additionally, you can view all of the ideas you’ve submitted with the My Ideas list.

Furthermore, you can view all of the ideas (and other Community posts) that you have given Kudos to by viewing your Community profile.

If you’re interested in viewing all ideas in a specific status, simply click the status for any idea and it will filter your view to only list ideas with that selected status.

Frequently Asked Questions

What happened to my prior requests for enhancements (RFEs)?

For your convenience, we’ve copied over any prior ideas that were either delivered since January 2018 or are part of our anticipated roadmap. If you don’t see your idea, that most likely means it is not a good fit for our roadmap at this time. That said, if you can’t find an idea, and it is still very relevant for your needs, please feel free to submit it on the Idea Exchange using the instructions above and our teams will review it once again for consideration.

What information should be included in the idea? What do the different idea statuses mean?

Check out our Idea Exchange guidelines, which give detailed information on how to best structure your idea, along with formal definitions for each of the statuses you may see on your idea.

Will I be notified when my idea gets updated?

Yes! Whenever you submit, give Kudos to, or comment on an idea, you will be subscribed to receive an email notification whenever there are any updates to that idea, so you never miss a thing.

I can’t access the Idea Exchange. Help!

Remember that you will need to be logged in to the Community to access the Idea Exchange. If you are logged in and are still having issues, please email for assistance.

What should I do if I'm not sure my request is a bug or enhancement idea?
If you are not entirely sure whether your request is a bug (i.e. the platform is not behaving as expected) or an enhancement (i.e. an idea for additional or improved features or functionality), please feel free to email and we can assist you.