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Anaplan Groups are where people with similar interests, business goals, or objectives can interact and collaborate along their Connected Planning journeys. Through a wide variety of member-driven events and dedicated Community spaces, group members can discuss and exchange best practices, collaborate on challenges, and build long-lasting relationships with like-minded peers. 

The key thing to remember about Anaplan Groups is that they belong to you. The Community team is here to support, facilitate, and encourage group growth and interaction, but you—the Anaplan Community itself—decide what to discuss, and when, where, and how. 

Each group is managed by one or more group leaders. While any group member can start a topic or contribute at any time, leaders are responsible for keeping the conversation going and setting up regular meetup events. Anaplan group leaders represent an important category of Community leaders, alongside Community Bosses and Master Anaplanners. They're not all Anaplan experts; they're simply passionate about growing in their Anaplan experience and helping others do the same. 

How do we support group leaders? We offer special access to Community spaces, resources, and events that help them bring tremendous value to their group members. We provide training for our events platform and best practices for creating engaging agendas. We help them develop as leaders in other areas of life and career and provide the opportunity for them to emerge as relevant, influential thinkers. 

Take a look at what some of our Anaplan group leaders are saying:

Ready to be a group leader? You can apply today to help with any of our open Anaplan Groups, but those listed below currently have no leader and present the greatest opportunity for making an impact! 

You can also read more about what it looks like to be a group leader here. Got questions? Post a comment below or email


@AaronW Just a testimonial - I've been a group leader for over a year and I can personally guarantee that as a group leader, I have gotten back10x what I put into it.

Good investment for three reasons.

  1. You'll be introduced to and have access to the super-pros in the Anaplan Community: other group leaders, community bosses, all the SMEs at Anaplan and in the ecosystem, a gaggle of master Anaplanners and solution architects, and introductions to all the Customers, Partners, and Anaplan employees that share an interest in your region and/or special interest group.
  2. It's all set up. The Anaplan Group team has documented all the best practices, suggestions, pointers, how-to, SME directories, and blogs to make sure you'll be successful. You're in good hands.
  3. It's personally satisfying. Sometimes you have 10 people at your meeting other times you might have 200 (personally the smaller ones are more interesting because you can open up the mics and videos). For regional groups - you will also have a physical place to meet assuming the pandemic conditions and requirements are more favorable. It's a terrific social outlet, even for introverts like me. Like minded people - It's fun.

Shoot me a note at @JaredDolich If you'd like to chat more about it. I co-lead the retail group with @BobD @SherylB and @Dsabo - check it out.


@JaredDolich has been an amazing Group Leader - well worth reaching out to him if you want to learn more!