Meet our 2021 Community Bosses!

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As we kick off 2021, we couldn’t be more thrilled to announce this year's Community Bosses! The Community Boss program aims to recognize customers, partners, and employees who go out of their way to encourage, advise, and share knowledge with their fellow Anaplan Community members. This select group of Community influencers frequently shares their expertise and best practices, offering a strong voice of knowledge. The Community Boss program runs on an annual basis, and Bosses are recognized in January each year based on their previous year's engagement. That engagement includes Kudos, forum topics, replies, Accepted Solutions, and publication of knowledge base articles and blogs. Members have to re-qualify yearly. This title comes with great benefits, such as opportunities to speak at Anaplan events, event discounts, and unique badges and identifiers on the Community.

2021 Community Boss Accomplishments:

  • 723 articles and blogs authored
  • 904 Accepted Solutions authored
  • 4,916 responses to your questions
  • 702 conversations started
  • 70 Ideas created
  • 10,661 Kudos received

Other Interesting Statistics:

  • 180,371 page views
  • 226,645 posts read

Meet the Chosen Few

Check out the list of the 2021 Community Bosses below. Community Bosses, we thank you for your ongoing contributions. Your expertise and input contribute to the success of the Anaplan ecosystem. Keep up the great work!


Want to learn more about how you can work toward becoming the next Community Boss? Check out the Community Boss page to see our selection criteria and the rewards and benefits of becoming a Community Boss.

Don't forget to leave a comment for our 2021 Community Bosses, thanking them for their continued contribution throughout the Anaplan Community.

Master Anaplanner/Community Boss

Honoured of being included in a group with so many illustrious Anaplanners and Community Members.


Thank you @emilydunn  and the Community Team for the great work you are doing! See you all guys around!

Trusted Contributor

I think it is Hatrick for @rob_marshall. Glad to be part of the 2021 Bosses group.


Master Anaplanner/Community Boss

Thank you very much for the recognition and looking forward to supporting the community! Congratulations everyone!




You are correct, I think this is my 3rd straight year.  And yes, what a great group to be part of.

Community Boss

Thank you all, Its amazing to be  part of this lovely ecosystem

Community Boss


Thank you for the recognition and glad to be a part of this fantastic group.


Special thanks to our magician @DavidSmith @rob_marshall and the great professor @JaredDolich @Misbah  & everyone for their support.

Of course, thanks to @emilydunn for all the great stuff over the community.


Congratulation everyone!


Thank you so much Community Bosses for your continued support. It would have been impossible for an independent learner like to me to get the model builder certificate without your support, I find answers and clues for all my questions in the community just because of you'll.




@Akhtar.shahbaz Thanks for the shout out. Congratulations and Welcome to the Group.