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Icons, folders, and documents have taken over your desktop making it impossible to find the right file and embarrassing to screen share—we've all been there. But don't fret. We are going to change all of that! Why not put 10 minutes aside and celebrate National Clean Your Virtual Desktop Day with us. It is a Monday after all, we could all use a little break. 

National Clean Your Virtual Desktop Day was created in 2010 by The Personal Computer Museum located in Brantford, Ontario, Canada. Nothing like a whole day to remind you it's time to keep your virtual desktop just as clean as your physical desktop. 

How to Observe

Download our nifty Anaplan Way Methodology desktop wallpaper (attached below) to help your neaten and organize your desktop. The Anaplan Way is a methodology that helps to ensure complete transparency during every phase of an implementation. Why not apply that same transparency to your desktop, which is typically command central for all of your projects? Using our The Anaplan Way methodology we've developed a wallpaper to help you not only organize your desktop today, but also keep it that way.

Ready to get organized? Time to download that wallpaper and get started! 

  • Pre-release: Place any documents/folders that are on-deck for your to-do list here. Think of this section as a launch pad, anything that will be ready to move to the implementation phase within two to three weeks can go here.
  • Foundations: Place any documents/folders that were recently kicked off or started here. 
  • Implementation: This bucket is for any documents/folders in an "in-progress state." These files/projects should be items you are working and accessing on a daily basis.
  • Test: Place any documents/folders that are in review here. Every project launch or report has a review or test phase; think of the test bucket as your reminder that your documents/project launches are in-flight. While you may not have a step in this phase (though sometimes you will), it's a good reminder of the state of your project. 
  • Deployment: You've launched your project or completed a report; now it is time to move those files over to the deployment bucket to be marked as finished
  • Project folders: We all work on ongoing projects. In this bucket, you can place the folders that you access regularly. Be sure to have an "Archive" section for files/projects that are complete. Once you feel you will not need to access those folders on a weekly basis, you can move those to your preferred external storage option such as Box, Google Drive, or an external hard drive - just remember it's handy to have your folders a few clicks away and accessible from any device.

More Planning Tips:

Feel a little less cluttered and a lot more organized? Time to take this new surge of energy and put it toward your next project! 

What tips can you share for cleaning your virtual desktop? How do you keep your virtual workspace organized? Let us know in the comments below!


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Love this!

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Finding a good folder structure is half the battle! How do you structure your folders to quickly find items and share with others?

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Always looking for new ideas to organize. Thanks!

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This was helpful! Thanks, Courtney.