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Anaplan's Hub Comes to You APAC conference wrapped up in Singapore last week.

More than 500 Anaplan employees, partners, customers, and Connected Planning enthusiasts gathered together to exchange tips and tricks, see the Anaplan platform in action, and catch a glimpse of the future of Connected Planning.hctyapac0.png

There was a lot of energy at the event, especially during presentations from Anaplan leadership. Christophe Bodin (Chief Customer Officer) illuminated the need for Connected Planning and its impact on businesses now and in years to come, and Steven Birdsall (Chief Revenue Officer) hosted a special panel where Anaplan customers from around the region shared inspiring stories of how Anaplan has changed the course of their businesses.


Following an impressive platform demonstration, Anaplan's Senior Vice President of Product, Sampath Gomatam, offered an exciting look at Anaplan's product roadmap and how Connected Planning could transform decision-making across industries in the near future.hctyapac1.png

The morning session wrapped up with Anaplan leadership presenting awards to the winners of this year's Connected Supply Chain Hackathon. Students from Singapore Management University competed (with a 48-hour time limit!) to develop innovative solutions for challenges that confront businesses today. The Hackathon helped highlight the work of the University Connect program to equip and empower students to leverage Anaplan in their studies and prepare them for these sorts of real-world applications.hctyapac3.png

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Throughout the afternoon attendees were able to choose from among fifteen seminars, offered around topics such as Finance, Supply Chain, Sales, and Platform, led by industry experts and thought leaders from all over the Asia Pacific region. The day concluded with a networking reception and the global debut of Anaplan's State of Connected Planning study, a landmark survey of over 1,000 businesses worldwide that offers an unprecedented look at the planning trends impacting the industry today.hctyapac4.png

The message of this conference was clear: the application of Connected Planning principles is transforming businesses throughout APAC, opportunities for success are plentiful, and the future is promising! 

We hope you'll join us for our annual flagship event, the Anaplan Connected Planning Xperience, coming to San Francisco June 10-12, 2019.