Spam Messages in the Anaplan Community

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The Anaplan Community team is aware of recent spam messages sent via the Private Messaging feature in Community.

Earlier today, our third-party community platform was temporarily impacted by an automated bot sending messages to other users. You may have received one of these messages, similar to the message image included below. Based on the investigation conducted by our security team, we believe these messages were generic spam. However, to be safe, any user who clicked the link can have their machine scanned for infected files by their local IT/Security team. If for any reason a user submitted sensitive information (such as passwords) through the link, we strongly recommend changing those passwords. Additionally, users should delete the spam message from their Anaplan community inbox to ensure they do not click on the links in the future.

2020-11-16 13_26_29-Photos.png

We can confirm that no email addresses, personal information, Anaplan customer data or other user information has been exposed in this spam-based event. We have temporarily disabled private messaging, and will be implementing additional controls to help prevent spam messages in the future. We have banned the responsible users and have not seen any additional similar activity.

At Anaplan we take all matters of security very seriously and will continue to make it our priority.  We thank you for your continued partnership and patience, and as always please contact Customer Care if you experience any issues, or receive any additional suspicious emails.

Thank you,
Fares Alraie
VP, Chief Information Security Officer

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Seems Anaplan community has grown enough to attract scammers 🙂