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Anaplan Talent Builder—the destination for learning, connection, and career opportunity—is excited to announce the addition of the Anaplan Access program! Read on to learn more about our newest program and all the benefits offered within the Anaplan Talent Builder section of the Community.

What is it?

Anaplan Access is our free, 90-day trial program that grants independent learners access to a private Anaplan workspace. It enables those who are looking to develop their Anaplan skill set to get started on their Anaplan learning journeys quickly and create new opportunities for themselves within the Anaplan ecosystem.

Who can join?

The program is open to learners currently outside of the Anaplan ecosystem who want to level-up their knowledge of the Anaplan platform and work towards their Certified Model Builder certification and beyond!

At this time, we ask that existing Anaplan customers and partners connect with their Anaplan business partners and/or representatives to learn more about the options available to you.

When can I get access?

You may request access to your private workspace now through the Anaplan Access program. Further details regarding the process and timing are available during the request process.

Why should I request access?

Great question! Here are just a few of the benefits you will receive from the Anaplan Access program:

Platform access - 1GB of workspace

  • Begin your journey to become a Certified Model Builder when you complete the on-demand training.

Access to Anaplanners across the globe

  • Take advantage of the more than 30,000 members in the Anaplan Community waiting to support and inspire you.

Support throughout your journey

  • Get the support you need through expertly curated technical content, best practice guides, videos, and much more.

Training at your fingertips

  • Experience the full-suite of free, on-demand training available through the Anaplan Learning Center.

Where do I go next?

Anaplan Access
Our free, 90-day trial access program for learners outside of the Anaplan ecosystem.

Anaplan Talent Builder
Your go-to resource for discovering the paths and careers available in the Anaplan ecosystem and the steps to take to get you there. With tailored information for Model Builders, Solution Architects, and Master Anaplanners, our self-serve guidance highlights what skills can set you up for Anaplan career success, and the courses and information you need in order to meet the requirements of each role.

Learner’s Lounge
Our dedicated micro-community designed for learners to stay connected, ask questions, obtain support, and more throughout their learning journeys.

User Directory
We’ve made it easy for Anaplan customers and partners to identify available talent and find the next member of their growing team by searching for available talent in the user directory of model builders.

For more information, please feel free to contact us at, or leave us a comment below. We’re looking forward to connecting with you on your Anaplan learning journey!

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I suspect this will be a very popular item. Thank you @F.Murphy and Anaplan for making this available.

Community Manager

Thanks @JaredDolich

I know that the knowledge and expertise you provide the Community will be invaluable to these new learners!

New Contributor

what happens after 90 days, if we are not part of Ananplan ecosystem- Partners, customers. Do we still get access to certifications?

Community Manager

Hi @Tejaswi 

Once you are certified as a model builder you do indeed keep that certification.

Hope this helps.



Occasional Contributor

This is so exciting! Our customers will certainly benefit from having an even stronger Anaplan community 💪

Occasional Contributor

GREAT! How much time it takes to allocate and active the resources for the 90-days trial access. I appreciate your thoughts... Thank you

Community Manager

Hello @arcman17,

Please allow up to 72 business hours for your Anaplan Access request to be processed. Visit the Anaplan Access to request your access today!

Occasional Contributor

Noted, Many Thanks!

Occasional Contributor

Hey @KayneSchwarz

Could you kindly update the cause and reason the 90 days free trial is not activated so far? It's been already much more than 72 hours.

Community Manager


It looks like you've been added to the Anaplan Access program, but may have missed the email. We've just resent your Anaplan Access welcome email. Please check your spam folder for this email and feel free to direct message me here in the Community if you still don't see an invite. Thanks!


Occasional Contributor

Hi @KayneSchwarz 

I have checked my mailbox and had not received an activation email or invite from Anaplan.

Pls. take note my email address is Would appreciate a quick response.

Look forward to hear from you.



Occasional Contributor

Thanks. As asked previously - Post the 90 day period can the access be renewed?

Occasional Contributor

I'm unsure what you mean.. (I can log in using however no access to the workspace or cannot do anything or access or build a model for Level 1 Model Builder courseware). Initially, there was no problem with access and I perform the task however suddenly somehow the access is revoked and its access is an issue for a few weeks now.

Appreciate your prompt support and action to resolve it.


Manish Agrawal 

Community Manager


Anaplan Access extensions are handled on a case-by-case basis. As a reminder, the program is intended to allow independent learners access a private workspace in the Anaplan platform to complete the Certified Model Builder training, which includes the Level 1 Model Building, Level 2 Model Building, and The Anaplan Way courses.

Occasional Contributor

Thanks again... will follow the process post the 90 day period.