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Do you want to stay up-to-date with Anaplan’s scheduled maintenance windows and newest product features or receive immediate updates on the status of the platform?

Take a look below at the three channels of communication that we offer to keep you informed of all platform updates and events.

Anaplan Platform Updates Emails

Leading up to each scheduled platform maintenance window the Anaplan platform updates team sends a series of emails to let you know what to expect from upcoming platform updates. These emails include an overview of the maintenance event, short descriptions of specific features that are scheduled to be released, and links to additional resources such as the platform releases blog.


These emails are sent directly from,so be sure to whitelist this address if you’re subscribed to the platform updates mailing list.

You may subscribe or update your subscription preferences to our platform updates emails at any time using the Anaplan Preference Center.

Platform Releases Blog

Blog_Post_Sample.pngThe Platform Releases blog, located in the News & Networking area of the Community, provides all the details you’ll need for each scheduled maintenance window. For each window, we publish a series of “Coming Soon” and “What’s New” blogs that include the features we plan to release and/or maintenance we plan to perform.

Look for release notes for new features that may include supporting screenshots from the platform, video walkthroughs, and links to supporting Anapedia articles.  

Also, within each blog post, we’ll link you directly to a discussion board created for that specific release where you can ask questions and discuss the content of the release with the Anaplan team and other Community members.

Take advantage and subscribe to the platform releases blogs to receive email notifications when each are posted.

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Anaplan Status Page

Visit the Anaplan Status page to view the live status of the platform, Community, website, and the Learning Center. You may subscribe to the status page to receive notifications when we create, update, or resolve platform events.Each platform is displayed along with a live status indicator within each row.Each platform is displayed along with a live status indicator within each row.

You’ll also notice that scheduled maintenance windows are listed below to let you know when to expect the next event for one of the specific platforms above.

Additionally, in the rare event of a platform outage, the status for the affected platform will change and further details will be made available below.

Additional Resources

Finally, be sure to check out these additional resources for more information around Anaplan platform maintenance, releases, upcoming features, and more!

Release Calendar
Review all past and future scheduled maintenance windows, including links to specific blog posts for each release.

Upcoming Features
Discover what features are currently on the Anaplan roadmap and the status of each.

Idea Exchange
Do you have a new idea or suggestion for the platform? Let us know in the Anaplan Idea Exchange.

Missing out on some communications? Unsure of your subscription settings? Let us know below!

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I have a questions regarding the types and frequency of update notifciations and how early Anaplan sends notifcations regarding updates

1. When I check the Update calendar, I see the scheduled maintenance for up to Dec 8 2018.

a. How long in advance does Anaplan publish the calendar? Any specific time frame Anaplan publishes any future event?

b. When will I see the maintenance schdule for 2019?

2. I have noticed Anaplan sending notification about the Nov 17 (as an example) maintenance schedule about 8-9 days earlier (got notification around Nov 9).

a. Is there any schedule in Anaplan regarding how many days in advance Anaplan sends out email notifications about such schedules.

b. How many times does Anaplan send out such notifcations before the real event? (For example, how many times would a user keep getting notification of such maintenance schedules)

3. I notice that there are some notifications that are sent out to only the users who have subscribed to Anaplan platform status by going in to "" whereas there are some notifications that are sent out to all the users who has some kind of access to an Anaplan model or workspace - from what I have noticed, the scheduled maintenance schedule notifications are emaild to all users whereas outages and issues with the platform are emailed only to the users who have subscribed. Any guidelines on these?


Thanks for the input.

Community Manager

Hello @khoonks,

Great questions here! I’ll respond to each using the list you created above.

1a. There’s no set date for this as we try to publish and update our scheduled maintenance dates as often as we can.  Please check back on the calendar often for new dates.

1b. We’re actively working on the release dates for 2019 and will publish dates as soon as possible. We do not have a specific date set for sharing 2019 release dates at this time.

2a. Yes, great question. The following series of emails are sent regarding a standard, scheduled maintenance window (weekend release):

  • Initial notification email is sent on the Thursday before the week of the release (e.g., The initial scheduled maintenance window email for the November 17th scheduled maintenance window was sent on November 8th)
  • Maintenance reminder email is sent one day prior to the scheduled maintenance window
  • Maintenance complete email is sent immediately following a scheduled maintenance window

2b. Please see 2a.

3. That’s correct. Though you may already receive the platform communication emails, you may also subscribe directly to the Anaplan status page and/or to individual events listed on the status page, too. Doing so allows you to receive emails that are sent when events occur, such as an outage, maintenance window, third-party maintenance, etc. These can be especially handy if you’re frequently working in the platform and would like to be informed of any changes with the status of the platform when they occur, including more granular updates during each event. As a reminder, all subscribers have the option to control their subscription preferences to both email channels at any time.

Thanks again and see you in the Community!

Occasional Contributor


Thanks for the detailed answer. 

One more question -  regarding the schedule, it mentions 1 to 5 pm PST unless otherwise specified. 

Of the two categories "New product enhancement" and "infrastructure update" do both of them requre downtime on the part of the services? Irrespective of what type of update it is, does Anaplan system remain offline during that window or users can still use the system. Just checking to ensure that we communicate accordingly with our end users. 

If Anaplan goes down during that time, we will let the users know about it so that they will not be using the system during that time.




Community Manager


Yes, both the “New Product Enhancements” and “Infrastructure Updates” scheduled maintenance windows require downtime to perform the necessary maintenance and/or updates.

The platform does remain offline during both types of windows, and we advise that you do not attempt to access the platform during specified scheduled maintenance windows.

As a reminder, we keep the Anaplan status page up-to-date during all maintenance windows and will update each status page listing during and immediately following the completion of each scheduled maintenance window.

Thanks again for asking, and please feel free to reach out with any other questions.


Community Manager


If you haven't seen the homepage announcement already, we've updated the Release Calender with our first six scheduled release windows for 2019.


Occasional Contributor


After the maintenacne windows, I have noticed that Anaplan sends out a notifcation saying the maintenance has been successful and users can now log in to Anaplan. 

As you may remember, Anaplan had a maintenance scheduled on Dec 22 between 6 pm est to Midnight. Note that it is not published in the calendar but I think it was some kind of emergency maintenance. 

I was waiting for the notification but did not get one. However, when I logged in after 11 pm that night, I was able to log in. So I assumed that the maintenance was applied and it was completed an hour or so before the expected time. 

Can you please provide some details about how Anaplan handles such notifications? If Anaplan would send out notifications in such instances, it would be even better. Just a feedback from my side.


Thanks for all you help, support, and postings.




Community Manager


That's right. As soon as a scheduled maintenance window is completed we will update the status page and send an email stating that the platform is back online. This process is the same for both scheduled maintenance windows, as well as any emergency maintenance windows that may occur.

I am unsure of which maintenance window you are referring to in your last post. Would you mind providing a little more detail on that window, please? Feel free to private message with me more. 

Thanks again for asking such great questions!



Occasional Contributor


Thanks for the update.

In the last post, I was mentioning the maintenance on Dec 22, 6 pm to midnight EST. It is not posted online in Anaplan's website, however, we were informed by folks at Anaplan.

Bud don't worry, I am aware of the regular schedule and the way Anaplan sends notifications. Thanks again.