The Evolution of Talent Builder: Career Search


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During the March 2020 Anaplan Live! event, I announced a new initiative aimed at growing talent in the Anaplan ecosystem. We called it Anaplan Talent Builder.

This announcement marked the launch of a new section in Community that—for the first time ever—created a self-service path for completing each of our three (at the time just two) Anaplan platform certifications: Model Builder, Solution Architect, and Master Anaplanner.

However, we realized the biggest barrier to growing our ecosystem was us.

When we launched Talent Builder, we were only allowing customers and partners access to our platform. The question quickly arose: how could we grow the ecosystem when our ecosystem was closed? The simple answer was, we couldn’t.

We knew what we had to do, and in May 2020 we launched Anaplan Access as part of Talent Builder. For the first time, anyone who wanted to learn and become certified with Anaplan could get the platform access they needed—a 1GB workspace for 90 days, for FREE. This was our first step toward truly democratizing the learning of Anaplan.

Since then, we have issued close to 2,000 workspaces over the last twelve months and demand is still growing. With that in mind, I am pleased to announce the next phase of Talent Builder: simplifying how we connect talent to our customers and customers to our talent.

This will be a multi-faceted approach and we are working on a number of exciting pieces. The first of those facets is a new way to search all the current opportunities in the Anaplan ecosystem right in the Anaplan Community.

Today we are launching a simple solution to consolidate available roles throughout the ecosystem onto a single page in the Community. Here you can filter by role, location, and company. By simply clicking the Details button, you will be taken directly to the posting to see more information and be able to apply for a role.

What this means for customers looking to hire skilled Anaplanners is a simple way to reach our entire Community without changing how or where roles are posted. Our API does the work of pulling each opportunity into the Community automatically.

There will be more coming to support both customers and talent, and we want to hear from you before, during, and after we release future elements of the Talent Builder program.

Please let us know what you think and what more we can do for you in the comments below, or you can always email us at