Updating the Community Experience

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Have you noticed some changes to the Community lately? We’re keeping our promise and continuing to improve the Community experience based on your direct feedback!


We’ve recently consolidated the former Topics areas, and all sections in each former Topic, into a new area titled Platform.

The new Platform area brings together many of the popular areas on the Community that you’re already used to visiting. Take a look below for a quick preview of each of these sections, including a few new areas and some old favorites.


Looking for some platform shared best practices? Look no further! The Knowledge area of the Community contains various articles on Modeling best practices, Anaplan Connect knowledge, Bring Your Own Key guides, and much, much more.

Take advantage of the labels at the top of the page to further sort the available articles and find what you’re looking for fast.

Don’t forget to log in to the Community to give kudos to an article or leave a comment for the author and the rest of the Community.



The Forums have received another round of improvements this year and they’re better than ever!

Now, you can connect with fellow Anaplanners in one of four major discussion boards, including Best Practices and Academy Courses and Training. Furthermore, a quick list of Unanswered Topics shows you posts that are waiting for a response, while the New Solutions list shows you topics that have received answers to their original posts.

You can also use the Latest Topics area to review recent posts, and the Top Tags section to filter posts by forums with specific tags attached.



The Updates area (formerly known as Platform Updates in the now-retired News and Networking area)  has also moved but still contains all the info you need when it comes to Anaplan platform releases. This includes platform release notes (Releases), past and future maintenance windows (Release Calendar), new features in development for the platform (Upcoming Features), and a forum specifically for discussions about each platform release (Release Discussions).

Even More Platform

Finally, you’ll find a few other Community favorites—and a new link—in the Platform menu, too:

  • Idea Exchange: Suggest and vote on ideas to improve your Anaplan experience.
  • App Hub: 200+ pre-built models, designed to meet your planning needs. Accelerate your journey and find the models that work for you!
  • Anapedia: Read the official Anaplan documentation for the platform.
  • Login to Platform: Navigate straight to the front door of the Anaplan platform.

How’s your Community experience? Loving every minute of it? Looking for more updates to the experience? Let us know in the comments below!