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ugl-carousel-image.pngToday is the big day! User Groups Live! is finally here. Whether you are joining us at the start of the day or will be joining the event later in the day, we'll have you covered with highlights and conversations. Stay tuned throughout the event for video clips, quotes, and insights into some of the sessions. 

Haven't registered yet? Be sure to register in order to gain access to the full presentations throughout the day.Image from iOS (1).jpg

2:00 pm: That's a wrap! Keep calm and plan on folks! 

1:50 pm: Congratulations to Scott Gros from Hark Consulting, and Bruno Saldanha from Kabam, Inc., for winning our last two free CPX tickets!

1:40 pm: Exciting conversations happening at the AMA live session. The Anaplan on Anaplan team is currently answering "when they knew Anaplan was a gamer changer for their careers?" Our favorite answer? When Erin had a moment during her interview and asked herself: "Where has Anaplan been all my life?!" 

1:29 pm: What is one feature the Anaplan on Anaplan team wishes Anaplan had? A formula autocorrect function or a recommendation feature to ensure the most effective formula is being used. (Are you looking for this too? Check out this Anaplan Formula Helper Chrome Plugin

1:20 pm: Looking to create surveys within Anaplan? Pierre Kerkinni weighs in and recommends to try using the user dimensionality to capture participant response. (Tune into the live AMA sessions to learn more!)

1:13 pm: Great insight from the Anaplan on Anaplan team on how they work. Stephanie shared they often focus on "What can we do? and how can we do this better?" Erin says she thinks it is important to remember "when you build models in Anaplan be sure to vest time up front to avoid having to do unnecessary cleanup afterward."

1:03 pm: Hannah Cho, VP of Corporate Marketing, kicks off our live AMA session by asking the Anaplan on Anaplan team what their spirit animals are. We learned they have team members with an inner puppy, owl, and an elephant on the team. Sounds like a good mix of skills to us! Tune in to find out how the team handles the more technical questions thrown their way. 

12:49 pm: Don't miss your chance to ask the Anaplan on Anaplan team anything in our first-ever live AMA video session. 

12:42 pm: "Big fan of the new UX, makes such a difference to an end user." @CallumWright  

12:23 pm: “Our number one goal with delivering the new UX experience is to bring more people into the planning process.” Simon Ritchie (@simon_ritchie), Director, Product Management. Don’t miss out on Simon’s presentation featuring a sneak peek of the Anaplan’s new UX experience and insight into the product roadmap (hint: cell phones may be encouraged in your next planning session). Not registered? Not a problem! Sign up now.

Image from iOS (1).jpg12:20 pm: Interested in becoming a Master Anaplanner? Head here to take the first step.

12:14 pm: "Anaplan has the power to improve job satisfaction for users. That’s not easily a quantitative measure but certainly is qualitative!" Great insight from @Darin_Seibel, Business Operations Manager at DISH Network, in the User Group Live! chat. 

12:02 pm: "It's not just joint integrations of data, it's joint integrations of people" - Chris Weiss

11:56 am: Congratulations to Land Registry's @CallumWright for winning our first CPX ticket giveaway!

11:52 am: Coming up next, our Leader of Center of Excellence, Chris Weiss chatting with 2018 Master-Anaplanner-of-the-year Autodesk's Evan Sunderman!

11:45 am: Byron Mikowicz (@byron.mikowicz), Business Operations Managers, shares how Anaplan's customer zero concept works, “Operations and Product having a symbiotic relationship creates an environment where new features can be stress tested and improved while internal operations can gain from the enhanced functionality.”

11:26 am: Don’t miss out on a demo of Workflow from Will Sippl, Anaplan's Product Manager of Workflow. @WillSippl shares, “I’m thrilled about the way that workflow helps bring people into planning, helping admins guide their users through their work and g.s.d. on time” Interested in signing up for the Workflow early access program? Head here.

11:08 am: Did you know Anaplan created a Connected Planning playbook? Did you also know all User Group Live! registrants are getting a first look?! Erin Graupmann (@erin.graupmann), Business Operations, manager shares how the Connected Planning Playbook has helped her, “As a new Anaplan user myself, I learned so much by reading "The Connected Planning Playbook." I cannot wait to share it with our customers so that we can also learn from their journeys with connected planning!” It's not too late to register, join the conversation now! 

11:05 am: Are you following our Instagram account? Click through to get a sneak peek of the behind the scenes action.

10:58 am: Learn more about the University and Business Connect programs here.

10:50 am: Joey Morisette (@joeymorisette), Business Operations Manager for the Anaplan on Anaplan team, shares his experience with DISCO: “Since starting to build my models to the DISCO methodology, I have greatly increased my ability to quickly pivot logic, navigate my models, reduce model size all the while increasing my models’ performance and sustainability”

10:40 am: Great advice from our VP of Operations Excellence Group “You should be able to explain the purpose of a module in on simple short sentence” David Smith, VP of Operations Excellence Group  (@DavidSmith)

10:24 am: What does being on the Anaplan on Anaplan team mean to Pierre? “It means that we have the ability to be pioneers and deliver on something that's never been achieved before... actually helping stand up connected planning and being a showpiece of what connected planning can do for an organization!” Pierre Kerkinni, Senior Manager of Business Operations (@pierre_kerkinni)

D2MOizxUkAAW6Tx.jpg10:08 am: “Dozens of stories came to light where companies told us that connecting plans across an organization was making those plans greater than the sums of their parts.” - Simon Tucker (@simon_tucker), Chief Planning Officer, on the creation of his role. Learn more about the industry need that led to the birth of the Chief Planning Officer here.

10:01 am:  Hannah Cho, VP, Corporate Marketing, is kicking off User Groups Live! Be sure to head over and join the 500+ attendees. 

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