Community Manager

With all the great articles, posts, and information available on the Anaplan Community, keeping the content organized and easy to navigate is no small task.

“Have no fear, labels are here!”

Did you know that many of the articles and posts in the Community are categorized with short, descriptive labels, such as Modeling, Planning, or What’s New, to name a few?Labels in the Shared Best Practices area of the Community.Labels in the Shared Best Practices area of the Community.

These labels vary across the Community depending on the area where each article or post lives, but always consist of familiar terms that help you find the knowledge and support you’re looking for.

Benefits of Labels

So, you may be thinking, “That’s great, but how does this really help me?” We’re glad you asked!


When logged in to the Community you may subscribe to labels that you’re interested in following. By doing so, you’ll receive email and/or Community notifications that alert you when new content with a label you’re following has been posted. This is a great way to keep up with the latest best practices for a certain subject, or even all Planning-based blog posts.Subscription options appear after selecting a label.Subscription options appear after selecting a label.Simply click a label on an article or post and the option to subscribe will appear, as shown in the image above.


Within many areas of the Community you may select a specific label from an available list of options to filter and display only the articles or posts marked with that label.Labels in the Community blog.Labels in the Community blog.

This simple, yet handy, feature allows you to quickly sort through content in blogs, knowledge bases, and more.

Stay connected to the content that matters to you by selecting and subscribing to labels around the Community. Don’t forget, you can always manage your subscription preferences in My subscriptions, including email notifications and label subscriptions.