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We think you should be rewarded and recognized for making the Anaplan Community great, so we've added over 30 new badges to our community. You'll have the opportunity to earn badges when participating in certain activities on Community. Did you create your first post? Have you provided a solution to a fellow Community member? You've earned a badge!

For our existing Community members, the next time you log in, you'll receive a few notifications that you've earned badges because the badges are retroactive. New Community members can quickly begin earning badges—so come and join us.

Want to check out the badges you've earned or the badges available?

  1. Log into the Anaplan Community.
  2. Click on your avatar, in the upper, right corner of Community.
  3. Click My profile.
  4. Under your Community activity, you'll see all of the badges (highlighted) you've earned.
    1. To view all of the Anaplan Community badges available, click the > all the way to the right of the line of badges within your profile.
    2. Badges that have not been earned will be grayed out.

In addition to these new badges, we'd also like to introduce you to user ranks. Ranks are the reputation level you earn, based on participating in a combination of activities in Community. For example, if you've been registered for the Community for a period of time, had more than 60 post/article views, and provided more than one Kudo OR tagged more than one piece of content you’d receive the Member rank. You'll also be able to see other users' rank (i.e., Senior Member, New Contributor, Valued Contributor, etc.) by hovering over their user name within Community.

Remember, you always have the ability to adjust your notification settings. If you want to customize you notifications: 

  1. Log into the Anaplan Community.
  2. Click on your avatar, in the upper right corner of Community.
  3. Click My settings.
  4. Click Subscriptions & Notifications.
  5. Click Notification Settings.
  6. Under Email Notifications, click the drop-down menu next to Badges I earn.
  7. Choose the appropriate setting. The default is Immediately.

Feedback? Post your feedback about the badges below.

Thank you!

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Thank you

Community Manager

It's fun earning new badges!  I only wish I was here in time to earn the Community Pioneer badge 🙂