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As Black History Month comes to a close, we turn to Anaplan’s newly appointed Senior Vice President of Connected Planning Victor Barnes for insight on diversity in the tech industry. Read Full Article
Have you heard about unmoderated testing? More flexible and on-demand, it enables you to give feedback to Anaplan about design prototypes. Some Anaplanners have already tried it out and loved it! Read Full Article
Perhaps no industry has experienced the ups and downs of the pandemic as much as higher education. But, even in this environment, there is a way that colleges and universities can be more agile. Read Full Article
Achieving an organization’s long-term financial targets with a healthy, diverse, and empowered workforce ensures sustained value for the organization. Read Full Article
Organizations around the world are united in finding ways to meet evolving business challenges, and many have turned to scenario planning as a new tool in their FP&A arsenal. Read Full Article
Jared Dolich, a Principal Consultant at Columbus Consulting, talks about his clever use of Anaplan extensions as a consultant in an Anaplan implementation project. Read Full Article
In 2021, we'll work to turn challenges into opportunities and drive transformative change! We'll fill the year with new ideas, bold plans, and big accomplishments. Read Full Article
The Community Boss program aims to recognize customers, partners, and employees who go out of their way to encourage, advise, and share knowledge with their fellow Anaplan Community members. Read Full Article
No matter your age, there are many ways to observe Martin Luther King Jr. Day. Reading books, watching documentaries, and volunteering are just some of the great ways to honor his legacy. Read Full Article
Businesses and their environment are growing more complex by the minute, but there remains one invariable truth: serving customer demand is the reason for the existence of any firm. Read Full Article
The pandemic caused the finance industry to reach a tipping point that will accelerate the transition from reporting historic performance to providing forward-looking decision-support information. Read Full Article
Organizations see inclusivity as a must when procuring solutions and building experiences for their users and stakeholders. Read Full Article
Learn how Anaplan's own CoE has handled challenges aligning department headcount and forecasts and how you can apply these lessons learned at your organization.  Read Full Article
Now more than ever the ability to pivot from one plan to another is critical for navigating challenges in a timely manner. Read Full Article
Explore the experiences of delivering an Anaplan implementation with no face-to-face meetings or opportunities to meet the rest of the project team.   Read Full Article
Our latest Anaplan Live! event, which catered specifically to model builders at every level, had a record turnout, with nearly 1,500 people registered from 38 countries, representing 346 companies. Read Full Article
Jared Dolich—Master Anaplanner, Community Boss, and Retail Planning Enthusiast—journals his path to 'being first,' building confidence, and supporting the next generation of model builders. Read Full Article
The Anaplan Community was recently impacted by spam messages sent via the Private Messaging feature in Community. Please click here to read more. Read Full Article
Whet your appetite for the UX with this collection of Pages from our very best. See what Certified Master Anaplanners have been cooking up with the ever-growing list of ingredients available for the ...  Read Full Article
The Anaplan Community recently came out with many new badges to award and show appreciation to our members for their involvement. One of those badges is the UX Research Superstar badge. Read Full Article
Changes are coming soon! Play along by answering four questions to get clues about an exciting item in our Extensions roadmap. Read Full Article
Learn why Anaplan customers named us as the only Gartner Peer Insights Customers’ Choice for Sales Performance Management in 2020. Read Full Article
In the complex environments of today, it is not enough to just have processes in place without system support. This was exactly the challenge a leading medical supply distributor was facing. Read Full Article
The Anaplan Academy Learning Center website will be undergoing planned maintenance and upgrades on December 4-9, 2020.  Read Full Article
When we decide to move from Classic to the UX, the new U.S.E.R. methodology can be extremely helpful.   Read Full Article
Anaplan Live! is an event curated to benefit you—the Anaplan model builder. Planning is under way. Let your voice be heard! Read Full Article
I have no technical programming training, but I have latched on to Anaplan model building, and now I can’t imagine my life (especially my client’s life) without it. Read Full Article
Check out lessons learned from building a better product, how users have contributed to decision making, and how you can apply those principles as a model builder.  Read Full Article
HEC Paris students focused on three objectives to learn the Anaplan platform and improve an internal tool.  Read Full Article
Anaplan’s global conference dedicated to operationalizing enterprise performance continues this week. As we head into the last few days of the conference, you’re invited to join Anaplan Groups at Dig...  Read Full Article
The new Predictive Insights section educates platform users on key features of the tool, and serves as a resource for integrations and other onboarding tasks. Read Full Article
We're back this month with more from Master Anaplanner Sonal Tripathi and the benefits of using the Excel Add-in. Check out these key benefits and opportunities.  Read Full Article
Before we dive into DigitalCPX 2020 this month, let's take a look at what made headlines in the Community recently. Read Full Article
Utilizing the power and flexibility of Anaplan's newest User Experience (UX) can transform the painful planning cycle into a seamlessly integrated process. Read Full Article
This award recognizes Anaplan as an innovator in how we teach model building and the methodologies we use to bring training to life. Learn more about the award and our approach to learning.  Read Full Article
The release last year of the Anaplan UX was one of the largest and most eagerly anticipated Anpaln product updates yet! Here are five UX features for you to explore.  Read Full Article
Gaining Anaplan experience in the classroom through thoughtful use cases helps students apply the concept of Connected Planning and understand the value of not planning in silos.      Read Full Article
Academy announces the availability of the Anaplan Solution Architect Certification. This certification recognizes candidates who have extensive knowledge of building and designing models. Read Full Article
As the days get shorter and schools are back in session, it’s a great opportunity to further invest in yourself and explore the offerings in the Anaplan Academy.  Read Full Article
New enhancements to the latest version of the Anaplan Add-in for Excel streamline user experience and connections. Read Full Article
Initiatives of high importance a few months ago may get pushed to the wayside while industries learn how to cope in today's environment. Fortunately, these challenges can be overcome. Read Full Article
We've been busy! In case you missed something, check out this quick view of all the happenings from July and a preview of what's coming in August. Read Full Article
In part two of the scalability blog series, we’re taking a closer look at the first important tenet—modeling that spans multiple use cases. Read Full Article
Anaplan's engineering team develops the Excel and PowerPoint Add-ins, working closely with the product manager and the UX designer to build great products that our customers love. Learn how we test t...  Read Full Article
This year, Anaplan helped improve Spaulding Ridge's digital transformation journey with a focus on three main components. Their Connected Planning business transformation journey continues. Read Full Article
Essential elements to consider when beginning a Connected Planning journey include enablement, governance, and expansion—facilitated through a Center of Excellence.  Read Full Article
Connection is the foundation of Anaplan, and it's exactly how one Master Anaplanner got her start. From intern to Master Anaplanner, the journey continues.  Read Full Article
As an engaged member of the Anaplan Community, you deserve to be rewarded and recognized. Be proud—you’ve earned it! Read Full Article
Today’s healthcare landscape is challenging, and commercial business leaders in the pharma/biopharma industry realize they need to respond and innovate.  Read Full Article
In part three of The 3 Pillars of Connected Planning series, Chief Planning Officer Simon Tucker discusses the importance of the 'plans' pillar of Connected Planning. Read Full Article
Check out all the exciting updates to the Anaplan Community in July, and take a sneak peek at what we’re working on next! Read Full Article
As we navigate new and challenging environments, our ways of working, and how we conduct business, need to be examined under the lens of these shifting circumstances. Read Full Article
The Anaplan Academy is proud to present the incorporation of the New UX directly into our Anaplan Model Building curriculum. Read Full Article
CoE Lead of the Year Rachel Goering shares her insight into how her Master Anaplanner certification helps her guide her team on the best way to structure models and incorporate best practices. Read Full Article
Demand for Anaplan skills and capabilities are highly sought after across our customer and partner ecosystem—especially for those of a Certified Anaplan Model Builder. Read Full Article
We have simplified the way we define and talk about Anaplan Add-ins and Add-ons to provide clarity. Learn about the new streamlined naming conventions and the “extensions” product family. Read Full Article
In this guest blog series, Anaplan Gold Partner Spaulding Ridge examines the actions organizations are taking to leverage Anaplan to help monitor, analyze, and avoid pitfalls in the future. Read Full Article
Take 10 minutes to test your knowledge of the add-ins. Get the latest information about the add-ins! Read Full Article
With the unprecedented events of this year, warehouse space utilization planning becomes a key decision-making point to balance supply and demand. Read Full Article
As organizations evolve, scalability—the ability to support greater demand without impacting performance—is critical to success. Read Full Article
Each year, Anaplan recognizes one student from the University Connect program with strong Anaplan knowledge and model-building skills and potential to make an impact across Anaplan. Read Full Article
As more people outside of the Anaplan ecosystem hear about the power of our platform, they're asking, "How can I get involved?" We recently spoke to two such individuals who found an interest in Anap...  Read Full Article
This year’s winner exemplifies the qualities of an ideal Certified Master Anaplanner and made a significant impact on the ecosystem in 2019. Read Full Article
Register today to begin your 90-day trial with the platform and set off on your Anaplan learning journey to becoming a Certified Model Builder and beyond! Read Full Article
Learn first-hand about the benefits of the add-in from a Master Anaplanner who recently started using the Excel add-in. Read Full Article
The close & consolidation process can lead to late nights at work, but Anaplan’s real-time calculations can save you some extra hours, giving you more time to spend outside in the summer sun. Read Full Article
A career in Anaplan will excel your business acumen, data foundation, and communication skills. Learn more about the two avenues you can take when starting your model building career. Read Full Article
You're invited! Join the user group to ask questions, share challenges, and collaborate on best practices to support sales and/or finance organizations.  Read Full Article
Get to know Jen and Yelena, amazing members of the New York area Pre-Sales team, in this latest episode of the Community Vlog! Read Full Article
Anaplan’s new User Directory is evolving the talent journey. Ready for new career opportunities? Let the Community know! Read Full Article
Appreciate the value that data and technology bring and understand where in your organization it can create the most value. Read Full Article
If you want to collaborate on specific topics or need support managing through today's business disruptions, our new Industry & Interest User Groups can help. Read Full Article
Let model maintenance pull you out of data clutter and move you towards value-driven analytics.  Read Full Article
Find your easy-to-follow guide to the first steps of creating a Center of Excellence, and set yourself up for long-term success. Read Full Article
Automations are possible, even with large Anaplan landscapes, with AnaplanConnect!  Read Full Article
More than 1,200 people have discovered the benefits of being in an Anaplan User Group—and those benefits have just gotten better! Read Full Article
People from around the globe participated in a five-day virtual, global hackathon, producing ready-made models for immediate help.  Read Full Article
As the COVID-19 landscape continues to evolve, Anaplan leaders are here to support businesses through this new normal, focused on thoughtful planning and decision-making. Read Full Article
There are three main focus areas of ‘spring cleaning’ in your Anaplan deployment to streamline your year. Clean up now for success ahead! Read Full Article
Get to know three amazing members of the New York area Customer Success team in this latest episode of the Community Vlog! Read Full Article
In part two of “The 3 Pillars of Connected Planning” series, Chief Planning Officer Simon Tucker talks about what companies should consider when importing their data into the Anaplan platform. Read Full Article
With a rapidly changing economic environment, it's important for higher education to react and adapt quickly. Anaplan can help! Read Full Article
COVID-19 has forever changed the planning landscape for organizations. Anaplan leaders share perspectives on success in uncertainty.  Read Full Article
Learn from Master Anaplanner Andrew Byers in the third installment of this blog series. We're discussing Best Practices, use cases, and more.  Read Full Article
Forrester conducted research found that Centers of Excellence (CoE) were specifically identified as critical for the success of maintaining and scaling your Anaplan footprint across the organization. Read Full Article
The Anaplan Academy team designed the updated platform training (Level 1-3 Model Building) understanding that learning is constantly happening—developing tools to enable you and your team. Read Full Article
That’s right! All Community members now have access to all of the great presentations and thought leadership shared in the March 2020 Anaplan Live! event. Read Full Article
Lionpoint Group outlines ways in which model builders can enhance the performance of their models through a better understanding of how the Anaplan engine works. Read Full Article
Anaplan enables virtually all retail, wholesale, and eCommerce planning activities. The value combines the flexibility of spreadsheets and the connected business drivers in common point solutions. Read Full Article
Could I cut down inventory costs with Anaplan? Yes, you can! In this post, we delve into inventory optimization and supply chain planning.  Read Full Article
Miller Homes believes Anaplan is a game-changer with how they manage home-building projects. Read Full Article
International Women’s Day 2020 is upon us, and we’re celebrating the diverse and talented women of Anaplan in this year’s campaign of #EachforEqual. Read Full Article
Overlooking one of your key stakeholder groups has the potential to derail a project implementation. Learn how to identify and support the three most crucial factors to your project's success. Read Full Article
Register now to join us for the live stream—happening now— for more presentations and a live AMA with Chief Strategy Officer YY Lee.     Read Full Article
Get to know Beauram Hur, Master Anaplanner Engagement Manager, and Ameneh McCullough, Master Anaplanner Program Manager, in the third edition of the Community Vlog! Read Full Article
Love is in the air—and we absolutely LOVE our Anaplan Community! Here are just a few things we appreciate and admire about our top-notch Community and passionate members.  Read Full Article
Whether you have a detailed best practice to add to the repository or a story to tell about your Anaplan experiences, contributing content is simple and a great way to give back to your Community. Read Full Article
December marked the end of a successful year for the Anaplan University Connect Program—working in collaboration with universities across the U.S. to educate students and professors on the benefits o...  Read Full Article
Join Anaplanners from around the world on March 4 and 5 for our live-streamed virtual event, Anaplan Live!  Read Full Article
2019 was a banner year for Community. Members visited 850k times and spent 2.8 million minutes online—and we're just getting started! Read Full Article
Explore everything you need to know before starting to implement Anaplan’s New User Experience with this Partner perspective.  Read Full Article
Here are four tips for project success in 2020! Learn how to motivate teams, encourage innovation, and create a culture of open communication.  Read Full Article
Announcing the 2020 Community Boss lineup! This program recognizes customers, partners, and employees who go above and beyond in the Community. Read Full Article
The Master Anaplanner Program formally launched maintenance requirements, effective calendar year 2020. Participation is required to retain Certified Master Anaplanner status for calendar year 2021. Read Full Article
Borris Morris, Anaplan Principal Software Engineer, explains linear programming and how Optimizer allows Anaplan modelers to execute linear programs. Read Full Article
Young Bob Cratchit takes a hard look at how decision-making was done in the past and wonders how life is without Anaplan. Read Full Article
It's that time of year again—time to reflect, adjust, and plan! Partners share their personal and professional planning tips for a happy holiday and prosperous new year. Read Full Article
With the rapid advent of Anaplan’s Connected Planning, a time will likely come where we will have “Connected Planning natives”—individuals for whom dynamic, Connected Planning processes are as normal...  Read Full Article
The Community Vlog is back! UX Design team members Greg and Mark share their insight on leading development with a customer first mindset. Read Full Article
The Anaplan Planual is an incredible document, designed to ensure customer success. If you’re not familiar with this series of best practices, you’re missing out! Take some time to check ou...  Read Full Article
Notice something new? Welcome to the new and improved Anaplan Community! Designed to deliver a best-in-class experience, it's everything you know and love—and more. Read Full Article
What a week! User Groups Live! (UGL!) wrapped up two successful live-streamed events last week from the United Kingdom. Read on to learn more—including where to find the recordings. Read Full Article
Learn how Anaplan quickly fulfilled the City of Tallahassee's need for a sophisticated and adaptable software tool to use for budget planning, forecasting, and other planning processes.  Read Full Article
The Anaplan Community as you know it about to change...for the better! As the Community grows, we've been listening to our members and working to enhance your experience. When you log in this Thursda...  Read Full Article
Planning was scary for Karen, a supply chain manager for an international supplier of monster goods. That is until she learned about how Anaplan can help her accelerate decision-making. Read Full Article
User Groups Live! from Singapore is a wrap, but you can catch the recording and get ready for our next events. Read Full Article
Community is chock-full of valuable information for Anaplanners. See what’s new, in one convenient place.  Read Full Article
User Groups Live! from Singapore is next week, and two more are coming in November. Register today! Read Full Article
Anaplan allows you to manage data quality without having to spend months fixing source systems. Learn more about building data quality management processes into your Anaplan solutions. Read Full Article
Ever-changing economic pressures and a shifting student landscape cause challenges for higher education institutions. Connected Planning can help! Read Full Article
Anaplan goes beyond the boundaries of finance. Register for this webinar, and learn how to break down organizational silos and experience the honeycomb effect.  Read Full Article
Meet Nina & Rich from the L3 Support team in our very first Community Vlog. Read Full Article
The Anaplan Academy is proud to announce the release of the Level 2 Model Building training program.  Read Full Article
In the first part of our three-part series on the pillars of Connected Planning, Chief Planning Officer Simon Tucker answered our questions about the “people” pillar and the need for a cultural shift...  Read Full Article
User Groups Live! is returning to the Anaplan Community, and you’re invited! Read Full Article
Enablement is both an activity and an outcome. Learn more about how Anaplan partner, Impetus, helps ensure client success by leading with enablement.  Read Full Article
Learn how Anaplan modeling software can help an institution prepare for the financial challenges ahead by using the Connected Planning methodology to link people, data, and plans. Read Full Article
As previously mentioned this year, we’re excited to announce that we have enabled single sign-on (SSO) for the Anaplan Community on Thursday, August 29, 2019. Read Full Article
Anaplan is a huge fan of dogs, and today we're celebrating International Dog Day! From a dog-related Slack channel to a company-wide "paw-licy," we love all things pups! Read Full Article
Minneapolis interns built 30 new Anaplan models in one amazing summer—celebrating with a graduation ceremony to remember. Read Full Article
The holidays are just around the corner. Using Anaplan, retailers now have the ability to sense trends and pivot accordingly to make the holidays as successful as possible. Read Full Article
Anaplan's New User Experience is designed with end users in mind, optimized to make planning easy.  Read Full Article
Master Anaplanner and Community Boss, David Elston, shares his pointers for Anaplan success.  Read Full Article
During CPX 2019, Ryan Meehan, Director of Finance & Strategy at Prestige Beverage Group discussed how Anaplan has transformed the way the beverage company does commercial planning. Read Full Article
Learn more about the benefits of the Accepted Solution function in this Community Says spotlight. Read Full Article
Learn all about the foundation of Anaplan with Essentials courses—now available for customers. Read Full Article
Freshen up your Anaplan Community profile with these 3 easy steps. Read Full Article
The Certified Master Anaplanner program reached a milestone with 300 Certified Master Anaplanners officially in the ecosystem.  Read Full Article
Take a break to celebrate National Ice Cream Day with your coworkers, family, and friends. Read Full Article
We recently updated The Anaplan Way experience on the Anaplan Community, allowing for easier navigation and referencing. Check it out! Read Full Article
We hope you're enjoying the blog and all the great content in Community! Tell us how we can improve by taking this brief, 2-minute survey.  Read Full Article
Planual author, David Smith, provides insight into the newly launched planning tool.   Read Full Article
For part seven of our Get to Know the Community Team, we're highlighting Miran Saric. Miran is an Associate Community Technology Program Manager, problem-solving for the team every day! &nb...  Read Full Article
Master Anaplanners were treated to a custom CPX experience this year, connecting and sharing with others along the way. Read Full Article
Anaplan is leading the way in effective IT project planning—changing the conversation from reactive to proactive. Read Full Article
The Anaplan family gave a warm welcome to University Connect students and faculty at CPX, inspiring the Anaplan ecosystem to connect with academia. Read Full Article
We’re off and running with the Minneapolis summer internship program—building a diverse talent pipeline for the internal and external Anaplan ecosystem. Read Full Article
The excitement continued this week at CPX during day two of the conference. See what the Community was up to! Read Full Article
Anaplan is excited to announce the open early access period for the new Anaplan User Experience (New UX). Read Full Article
 It’s finally here! See what’s been happening as Community goes to CPX. Read Full Article
Introducing the 2019 Community Boss program! This elite group represents some of the best of Community contributors.    Read Full Article
Anaplan celebrates National Doughnut Day with some tasty treats and great conversation. Read Full Article
The new Centers of Excellence section of the Anaplan Community is live! Learn more about what you'll find within here. Read Full Article
Careers in planning come in all shapes and sizes. Learn more here—from the familiar to the unusual. Read Full Article
You've just scheduled that first interview. Now what? Anaplan's Director of Recruiting, Pete Lawson, shares what we're looking for and how to set yourself apart from the competition.  Read Full Article
Learn how Anaplan partner, Slalom Consulting, integrated Azure with the Anaplan platform. Read Full Article
Check out the Cal Poly visit to Anaplan Headquarters. Learn how your university can visit us and how companies across the ecosystem can get engaged. Read Full Article
For part six of our Get to Know the Community Team, we're highlighting Aaron White. Aaron is the User Groups Program Manager in the Minneapolis office and has been with Anaplan since F...  Read Full Article
Learn how the Master Anaplanner status pays off at our international conferences and events. Read Full Article
What are you waiting for? Jumpstart your path to becoming a solution architect with these five steps.   Read Full Article
Join a team, develop a model, pitch your solution to our judges, and compete for prizes and bragging rights! Read Full Article
Anaplan partner Spaulding Ridge explains the impact of effective ownership in Anaplan implementations as part of their guest blog series examining good planning. Read Full Article
Learn from Josh King, Managing Partner of Twelve Consulting Group and former VP of Presales at Anaplan, what qualities and qualifications make for a great Anaplanner. Read Full Article
For this month's Community Roundtable, we reached out to our partners to ask—what's your favorite part of planning? Get ready for some serious job envy! Read Full Article
Marie Kondo's "The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up" seems to be popping up all over the place these days with her book and Netflix show. I decided to take the principles of her KonMari Method and s...  Read Full Article
We’re pleased to announce our upcoming launch of single sign-on (SSO) for Anaplan services. Read Full Article
In part one of this dual blog post, we're analyzing the planning successes of the Rebel Alliance from "Star Wars: Episode IV – A New Hope.” Read Full Article
In part 2 of this dual blog post, we're analyzing the planning failures of the Galactic Empire from "Star Wars: Episode IV – A New Hope." Read Full Article
Are you interested in interviewing for a position with Anaplan? We’ve got you covered! Click through to get some advice from current Anaplan employees. Read Full Article
In part two, I discuss the modeling considerations for handling sparsity and the best approach to take to deliver an efficient model. Read Full Article
For World Book Day, we present our spring 2019 reading list, featuring selections chosen by Anaplan leadership that were particularly impactful to them. Read Full Article
Sparsity is a common topic for Anaplanners. Learn more about sparsity and why you shouldn't be afraid of it in the first of a two-part series.  Read Full Article
The Community Roundtable is back with the fifth installment in the series, and this time we’re focusing on our customers. We've asked four customers to share with us what they’re curre...  Read Full Article
Which event should you attend—User Groups Live! or Connected Planning Xperience (CPX)? (Answer: both!) Read Full Article
Just in time for spring cleaning, learn how to clean up your models with Joey Morisette from the Anaplan on Anaplan team. Read Full Article
Have you ever dreamed of taking your Anaplan career to the next level? Want access to some of the top minds within Anaplan? Find out how you can become a Master Anaplanner at CPX.  Read Full Article
Get an overview of the new Connected Planning Playbook, and then dive into the details on the Anaplan Community. Read Full Article
If you were unable to attend User Groups Live!, the Anaplan Community’s inaugural virtual meetup, last week, read on to see what it was all about! Read Full Article
We review six popular ideas—three delivered and three on the roadmap—submitted by the Anaplan Community in the past year! Read Full Article
Hear from Anaplan's Director of Community, Francis Murphy, on the importance of online communities. Read Full Article
Writing user stories is one of the most impactful and exciting phases of the early Anaplan implementation process. It also needs to be one of the most thorough.  Read Full Article
We're taking a look at four different planning styles and how they match up to the four main houses from “Game of Thrones.” Read Full Article
International Women's Day is about unity, celebration, reflection, and action. What better way to celebrate the day than by sharing advice from the accomplished female leaders of Anaplan! Read Full Article
Find out the benefits of joining a business community with this Anaplan infographic. Read Full Article
For part four of our Get to Know the Community Team, we're highlighting Holly Rieke. Holly is the Community Program Manager in the Minneapolis office and has been with Anaplan since&nb...  Read Full Article
We're kicking off our new series focused on cost planning. In this post, Mitch Max—founder of BetterVU—will tackle the two myths surrounding cost reduction. Estimated reading time: 5 mins. Read Full Article
Strategic planning isn’t just reserved for company giants. Small businesses will also benefit from these six strategic planning tips. Read Full Article
As part of their guest blog series examining good planning, Anaplan partner Spaulding Ridge explores how to set the scope of your plan. Estimated reading time: 3 mins. Read Full Article
Now that you’ve brushed up on your strategic planning expertise, it's time put what you've learned to the test! Take our 10 question quiz to see where you stand. Read Full Article
Check out our top picks for movies that showcase successful strategic planning. Read Full Article
Learn how to set your project up for success by building a foundation of effective collaboration. Apply these principles to establish a project framework that will benefit from a team that is not jus...  Read Full Article
User Groups Live! is coming. Join Anaplanners from around the world on March 21st for the Anaplan Community’s inaugural international virtual meetup! Read Full Article
Learn about the basics of strategic planning and setting goals that deliver desired results for your organization. Est. reading time: 7 mins Read Full Article
In this guest opinion piece, Deloitte's Nick Vandersype explores the impact of Artificial Intelligence on the future of Connected Planning. Read Full Article
For part four of our Get to Know the Community Team, we're highlighting Stan Gromer. Stan is the Community Administrator in the Minneapolis office and has been with Anaplan since ...  Read Full Article
It’s time to shake off the notion that work and personal tools can’t be used interchangeably. To prove it, we're putting our Anaplan Way methodology to the test to showcase how to plan the ultimate p...  Read Full Article
In this guest blog series, Anaplan partner Spaulding Ridge will examine what they have found to be integral parts of a good plan: the level of detail, the process, the people involved, the timing, an...  Read Full Article
What if you had, ready at hand, an instruction book that told you exactly what to do in the event of any kind of emergency? Read on for some key insights on Scenario Planning for your advantage from ...  Read Full Article
Rid your team of meeting fatigue with our five tried and true suggestions to increase productivity (and spark new life) into your next planning session. Estimated reading time: 3 ...  Read Full Article
From its humble beginnings, to all things “Anaplan,” to becoming the go-to spot for Connected Planning thought leadership, the Anaplan Community has had quite a ride. Let's look back at the evol...  Read Full Article
Help ensure your success by starting this year with a solid plan. Here are five tips to jump-start your 2019 goal-planning session. Estimated reading time: 2 minutes. Read Full Article
With the newly released State of Connected Planning report making the rounds, we asked our Community members for their insight on the trends found in the report. This is part two of ou...  Read Full Article
Santa's toy manufacturing and delivery enterprise is the largest the world has ever seen. With pressures on his supply chain increasing, can Santa keep up? Where can he turn when legacy tools fa...  Read Full Article
With the newly released State of Connected Planning report making the rounds, we asked our Community members for their insight on the trends found in the report. Estimated reading time: 7 m...  Read Full Article
Have you heard of the Red Queen effect? In this addition to our expert blogger series, George Veth (Founder & CEO of Adaptable, LLC) discusses how understanding Alice's journey through ...  Read Full Article
Have you had a chance to review the State of Connected Planning report? Interested in finding out what four planning trends we uncovered and what they mean for your 2019 business strategy? Now i...  Read Full Article
For part three of our Get to Know the Community Team, we're highlighting Kayne Schwarz. Kayne is the Community Content Manager in the Minneapolis office and has been with Anaplan since...  Read Full Article
Are you curious about how organizations your size are planning? Looking for innovative ways to improve your planning process? Dive into Anaplan's State of Connected Planning report. Estimat...  Read Full Article
Learn more about recent updates made to the Community experience, including the new Platform area. Estimated reading time: 2 minutes. Read Full Article
If you're looking for gift ideas for all the forward-thinking people in your life, we've got 15 unique options that might be just the right thing. Estimated reading time: 4 minutes. Read Full Article
Hear from Anaplan's Chief Planning Officer, Simon Tucker, as he kicks off a new series around the past, present, and future of all things Connected Planning. Est. reading time: 5 mins. Read Full Article
As globalization increases and markets continue to shrink, supply chains will become ever more complex, and with over 60 percent of companies currently considering Excel as their supply chain sy...  Read Full Article
The results are in! Check out the winners from our inaugural Community Costume Contest! Read Full Article
For part two of our Get to Know the Community Team, we're highlighting Emily Dunn. Emily is the Community Product Manager in the Minneapolis office and has been with Anaplan since August 2014! E...  Read Full Article
A more personalized and detailed Community search tool is here.  Read Full Article
There's almost no better feeling than when someone understands what you're going through and can offer a quick fix that works. Today's "Community Says" highlights an example of this and how it relate...  Read Full Article
The Harvard Business Review recently published the article “Planning Doesn’t Have to Be the Enemy of Agile.” Given its implications for businesses, we asked our Chief Planning Officer for his th...  Read Full Article
As part of our "get to know your Community team" series, the Community blog is excited to feature Francis Murphy, Director of the Anaplan Community! Estimated reading time: 2...  Read Full Article
Today we're revisiting our recent Ask Me Anything session with partner and Master Anaplanner Chris Weiss and hearing his perspective on the value of being a Master Anaplanner. Estimated rea...  Read Full Article
It's trivia time! Take our ten-question quiz and see how much you know about Anaplan's history and culture. Estimated reading time: 3 mins. Read Full Article
The Community Roundup is here to help you stay on top of what's new and interesting in the Anaplan Community. Estimated reading time: 2 mins. Read Full Article
A new and improved way to share your ideas with Anaplan is here.  Read Full Article
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At this year’s Hub Comes to You Paris event, 12 teams consisting of Anaplan Partners met to compete in an exciting Anaplan hackathon. Estimated reading time: 2 mins. Read Full Article
The Community Roundup is your source for all the latest developments in the Anaplan Community. Today we're spotlighting recent upgrades to the Community experience, additions to one of our marquee pr...  Read Full Article
Community Says spotlights the insights, advice, and information posted by our Community members. This week, we're talking about formula debugging. Estimated reading time: 1 minute. Read Full Article
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I’m excited to share some news with our valued community of customers! Estimated reading time: 2 mins. Read Full Article
Anaplanners, join us on Tuesday, June 26 for the Singapore Anaplan User Group. Read Full Article
We are looking for experienced Anaplan users to make the Community the premiere location for all things planning. Share your knowledge of connected planning and the Anaplan platform and earn rec...  Read Full Article
 Kick off your summer by joining the AMA June Session, opening Monday! Read Full Article
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