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Hi All


I saw someone in another User Group do this and thought it was a good idea!


Let's introduce ourselves and get this user group started. Here's a suggested format:




Work Area

Anaplan Role

What I Hope to Get From This User Group


Name: Brendan Morrison

Company: MathWorks

Work Area: Sales Operations

Anaplan Role: Model Builder / Admin

What I Hope to Get From This User Group: I am hoping to learn from others and see how other companies are using this tool. It was great meeting up last October, hopefully we can get another Session in the future!


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Re: Introduction

Thanks for starting this up Brendan.

Name: Brian Cormier

Company: Forrester

Work Area: Finance - FP&A

Anaplan Role: End User/Model Builder/Admin

What I Hope to Get From This User Group: I started using Anaplan as an end user in Sept 2016, and am trying to pivot into a model builder as well.  Hoping to learn from others around model building and long term vision for utilizing Anaplan.