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Over time, businesses want to be self-sufficient. This means they can build and expand the platform largely on their own or with some help. In order to accomplish this, customers create a Center of Excellence (CoE) or perhaps, more simply, a Competency Center. A CoE can start small – some companies have just one person in their Anaplan Center of Excellence – and grow to the size needed in the company, as the number of use cases increases. Setting up the structure for a CoE early in the first project helps the customer to learn model building and The Anaplan Way (Agile) methodology from Anaplan or partners.

Establishing a CoE provides multiple benefits to the business:

  • Maximize their Anaplan investment and adoption through the business
  • Consistency in the following:
    • Model design quality
    • Execution of business processes/methodologies
    • User experience, especially when users span multiple models
  • Provides a service in the business that has a holistic view of all the business processes and how Anaplan can connect all those processes
  • Repeatable, faster “time to market” models for the business
  • Central control with local flexibility

Some additional areas for the business to think about include becoming an active member of the Anaplan community and eventually, growing the CoE so that it can provide additional staff with the training needed to build models and use The Anaplan Way (Agile) methodology so that other departments and areas can use Anaplan. 

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Does Anaplan offer a set of best practices for Design, Performance, Monitoring, Data Visualization.


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