Setting up the CoE

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Planning for the CoE begins up front. Begin to think in terms of what a CoE means to the business and how to make sure some of the first steps in the project are completed in a way that sets a CoE in place.


Follow these steps in the Foundation phase to establish a CoE:

  1. Include a data hub in the model design. 
  2. Document the business processes. 
  3. Document the model logic and business rules. Store these in a central location for easy access by all members of the CoE. Include:
    1. Model blueprint
    2. Module blueprints
    3. Model data flow (model map)
    4. Technical ecosystem topology


As you begin building, the customer needs to establish (with your help) the following:

  1. Best practices 
  2. Usability guidelines 
  3. Governance process 
  4. Model help desk 
  5. Training practices 
  6. Return on Investment (ROI) study methodology


Also needed for a CoE:

  1. Determine testing practices
    1. Select a triage team
    2. Create a triage process
    3. Establish requirement and defect definitions 
  2. Build a user community that will help with adoption and usability. Identify local champions. 
  3. Maintain or establish executive sponsorship
    1. Create a communication process that provides executives with updates 
  4. Create a common portal for all things related to Anaplan 
  5. Create a process for deciding which models to build 
  6. Establish a model review and upgrade process


While this may seem overwhelming, a successful CoE can be run with a single model builder. Just be sure to set up your first model with an eye toward expanding by using a data hub. Build a portal for shared documents/best practices. Establish a help desk – this is probably you if you are the only model builder! Reach out to the IT department and get their support and determine if it is possible for them to provide the first line of user support. Determine the key processes you need to establish for the CoE and get those in place. Now you have a structure in place that can handle additional model builders. Staff can be added as the number of Anaplan models grows.

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