Introductions & Welcome to the CoE Group Hub!

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Introductions & Welcome to the CoE Group Hub!

Thank you for joining the CoE Group Hub. We are very excited to have you!

This is a space for you to collaborate, brainstorm, and ask any questions you may have in building and developing your Anaplan Centers of Excellence. 

As a quick introduction, my name's Beauram Hur and I'm the Engagement Manager for the CoE Team and Master Anaplanner Program. I'm looking forward to meeting you and learning more about your journey through your CoE charter, so please send them to me at for feedback and additional guidance.


Re: Introductions & Welcome to the CoE Group Hub!

Thank you Beauram for hosting the CPX group session.

Certified Master Anaplanner

Re: Introductions & Welcome to the CoE Group Hub!

Hi Beauram,


Really enjoyed the COE User Group session a couple of weeks ago and being able to chat with others who are trying to develop their COEs.


As a suggestion regarding content:


I feel like most of the content around COEs focuses on what a COE looks like in a very mature state.  It also uses, as an example, a company that has its foundations / pillars well established.  I know for my company, and also many of my peers, we're still very far away from establishing those foundations, and the idea of a well functioning COE just seems somewhat distant.


I understand the foundations of a COE (such as executive sponsorship, charters, clear definition of processes & responsibilities) are important.  But it can be really hard to move the needle on these items, depending on where and how Anaplan resides in your organization.  What would be helpful for me is to cover more ideas and maybe smaller "tactics" on how we can move in the direction of becoming a true COE.  Some of things I've been doing are:


Office Hours - because we're in planning season, everyone is super busy.  I setup company-wide, Anaplan office hours as an informal option for Anaplanners to talk to one another.  It's been hit-or-miss in terms of attendance, but we've definitely had productive conversations and increased our propensity to collaborate with one another.


Show and Tells - as a company that has grown through acquisition, much of our Anaplan user base is not accustomed to working with one another.  But, because we are technically one company, it's very easy to share information with each other (and yes, we're on the same instance of Slack 😉).  Since we don't have to worry as much about data sensitivity, it's easy to setup informal internal demos regarding use cases where we overlap, or where one group is interested in expanding to.


Anyway, just curious about what else we could be doing to help move us in the right direction.



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Re: Introductions & Welcome to the CoE Group Hub!

Hi Matthew, 

Thanks always for your feedback! Definitely agree that there is a growing need to learn more about how others navigated some of these hurdles and what exact topics and values were discussed to move the needle. I'll continue to explore ways to collect and share these insights as they come. 

Please continue the great work you're doing with the office hours and show and tells!!