Management Process Improvement

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Management Process Improvement

Hi All,

I'm in search of templates, work processes, or handouts that can be used as a solid foundation for building a great sales compensation effectiveness team.


I'm looking to re-tool my sales compensation team with more robust processes I may not be aware of.


I'm happy to share with everyone what I receive to help everyone improve on processes in their own way.




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Re: Management Process Improvement

Hey Elvis,


The attached slide deck provides an overview of our internal Anaplan sales compensation process. We leverage Anaplan to complete the entire incentive compensation process (ie. planning quotas/ territories, issuing comp plans, calculating commission accruals, processing payments, and providing commission reporting to each rep). It describes our high level process and the benefits it's provided our team. 


This article by Jason Loh, our Global Head of Sales Solutions, provides some additional great information:


Introduction to Incentive Compensation 


I hope this helps. Let me know if you have any questions or want to go through the process in more detail.