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Recommendations from 2022's CoE Leader of the Year

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CoE Leader Must-Knows 

  • Evolution of the CoE Lead : Understand how a CoE lead can transform the organization within and outside of Anaplan. CoE Leads are driving transformation and acting as visionary leaders and are key to success. — By Josh Baker, CoE Leader @ PJT Partners (@josh.baker)
  • Your Connected Planning Center of Excellence for better decision-making [Whitepaper]: Learn about what and why a CoE is important, 6 benefits of establishing a CoE for Connected Planning, and 3 tips for building a successful and sustainable CoE. 
  • The Benefits of a Center of Excellence [Video]Learn how to maintain central control over expanding use cases, share learnings, and establish governance, consistency, and efficiency across data in upstream and downstream processes on the Anaplan platform.
  • Center of Excellence Charter: The charter template and general information guide are cornerstones to standing up for the CoE team. — ByJosh Baker, CoE Leader @ PJT Partners(@josh.baker), and Asslam Umar Ali, CoE Leader @ Fortescue Metal Group (@Asslam)

  • Center of Excellence Roles & Responsibilities: A brief overview of the key roles included in most Centers of Excellence, and a deeper look at each individual role. At its core, a Center of Excellence needs to have Executive Sponsorship at the highest level of the organization, and a technical expert with a deep understanding of how the platform works. — By Josh Baker, CoE Leader @ PJT Partners (@josh.baker)

  • Center of Excellence Production Support: A strong production support model is crucial to the success and sustainability of Anaplan models. — By Prince Ayinde @ Linkedin CoE (@Prince.Ayinde)

  • Selecting Center of Excellence Governance StructuresHow companies must identify the appropriate balance of centralization, define the location of the Center of Excellence team members, and set a regularly occurring cadence with standardized agendas to determine the appropriate governance structure.
  • Managing Requests from End Users: This community post is a crucial resource to help the CoE lead understand prioritization and the continued growth of the platform. This guidance will help the team actively tend to deployed instances while simultaneously building for the future. — By Josh Baker, CoE Leader @ PJT Partners (@josh.baker)

Foundational Anaplan Knowledge

  • Anapedia: Anapedia is a powerful resource to familiarize team members with the available features of Anaplan and the resources that can help you best understand and deploy these features into your models. — By Josh Baker, CoE Leader @ PJT Partners (@josh.baker)
  • Connected Planning Playbook: A comprehensive guide(s) that provides powerful thought-leadership, design, and scalability content to support your journey. They are also helpful when teams outside the Anaplan CoE need to be pulled on to a project and need information on how to complete their related tasks (e.g. Data Integration, SSO, Security, Data & Analytics). — By Josh Baker, CoE Leader @ PJT Partners (@josh.baker)
  • Introduction Centers of Excellence : CoE Leaders must be grounded in the fundamentals of the team they are building. — By Prince Ayinde @ Linkedin CoE (@Prince.Ayinde)
  • The Anaplan Planual: The Planual is a must-read resource for all team members in the CoE as it establishes a foundation of best practices when building in Anaplan. — By Josh Baker, CoE Leader @ PJT Partners (@josh.baker)
  • The Anaplan Way(TAW): The Anaplan Way ensures your team is leveraging best practices in planning, design, implementation, testing, deployment, and maintenance of the Anaplan platform — By Prince Ayinde @ Linkedin CoE (@Prince.Ayinde)
  • Platform Status: Get ahead of communication around unplanned outages & maintenance. This is a vital tool for maintaining the longevity of Anaplan by establishing a comfort level for firm executives and end-user alike. — By Josh Baker, CoE Leader @ PJT Partners (@josh.baker)
  • Platform Updates:  Understand upcoming releases and expected downtime. This will allow the CoE to promptly notify the user base and make necessary adjustments to platform documentation. Review periodically after launching your CoE to align your release calendar with Anaplan’s. — By Josh Baker, CoE Leader @ PJT Partners (@josh.baker)


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