Released in June - Anaplan platform updates

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Group Leader - Employee

Released in June - Anaplan platform updates

All exciting updates of June: KPI Cards Sparklines, Share a Page, Drill-down, Mobile app updates and big plans for July!

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Released in June Streamline collaboration with your colleagues

  • Share a page: Loop more users into the planning process by easily sharing Anaplan UX pages with colleagues via email. Simply tap the “Share” icon on the top of the page, search for users, and add a message with details or action items to begin using this new feature.

Visualization updates

  • KPI Card sparklines: Add sparklines to your KPI to spot patterns or peaks/troughs in performance and identify upward or downward trends. The KPI card is now also aligned with Chart cards, appearing in the right-hand panel.



Find what you need on the go with the mobile app

  • Search for apps and pages: View search results on mobile broken down by result type and use saved recent searches to find the content you need most often.

  • Sort a grid: Use column headers to trigger ascending or descending sort on columns within grids on mobile.

  • Easily edit multi-line field cards: Field cards with multi-line text entry now have greater space to enter text, for easier text editing on the go.

Improvements to the new UX

  • Editable drill down: Easily edit values in a drilled down grid to see the impact of changes at the bottom level of a drilled down hierarchy on the aggregated summaries. 

  • Field card layout: Update the layout of your fields on the Board with the new horizontal layout option on Field Cards.

  • Board performance: We have improved the loading time of Boards by only loading the cards visible in the browser on initial load. Additional cards are only loaded as they are scrolled in to view. This can mean significant performance improvements on long Boards.

Updates to Anaplan connector for MuleSoft

We’re happy to announce the release of updated Anaplan v3.1 connector for MuleSoft 4 runtime. The connector includes the following feature enhancements & bug fixes:

  • Dump file feature: New feature to download error logs from Anaplan Import actions

  • Dump file feature: New feature to download error logs from one or more Import actions in Anaplan Process

  • Improved Data Compression:  The Connector now compresses the data you upload to Anaplan. The compression occurs automatically. Users will experience performance improvement during file uploads. 

  • Bug fixes: Refresh issue for long running integration jobs is now fixed.

MuleSoft landing page for Anaplan connector:

Ideas Delivered in June


Allow graphs to include more than 200 data points or columns

App Hub- See the name of the person who last updated in the App description

Certificate authentication for all integration accounts

Editing cells while using drill down in New UX

Targeted for July

Disclaimer: Please note: The information here is subject to change right up to release go-live time. This post is not a commitment to provide any features by a certain time frame and enhancements to the product may change before release. Subscribe here and check back frequently for the latest.
More freedom for Workspace Administrators
  • New auditable events in Anaplan Audit: New Audit service enhancements will include events related to user activity and system actions to better enable auditing for critical activities.

  • Bulk delete of usersWorkspace Administrators can delete multiple users in a single action, ensuring that only the correct users have access to specific models in a workspace.

  • Fiscal year label: Workspace Administrators can build models with Fiscal Year Labels for time periods that make clear to end users which calendar or fiscal year they refer to.

Making your life easier with the New UX
  • Card maximize: Maximize any card on a Board page, making use of the screen to easily see and interact with your data.

  • Totals position: Change the position of your totals in view designer to before or after depending on your needs.

New ALM capabilities in the new UX
  • Draft pages: Page builders will be able to edit pages and save them as drafts. This means they can continue to edit pages in development until their updates are complete.

  • Preview pages: Page builders will be able to preview a page from designer mode so they can see exactly how it will look and behave in published mode before they publish the complete page.

  • Publish pages: Page builders will be able to publish the draft version of their pages and make it available to all users.

Visualization updates
  • Gantt chart: Display your projects and milestones using the new Gantt chart in the UX. This will enable users to get a clear visual representation of their programs, projects, tasks, promotions, and any key milestones associated.

Improving the mobile app UX
  • Share a page on mobile: You’ll be able to copy and paste links to pages, which can be shared with anyone from your mobile app.

Upcoming scheduled maintenance:
  • July 11: Platform offline: Infrastructure update

  • July 25: Platform offline: Infrastructure update

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