ALM Questions

These are some common questions regarding Application Lifecycle Management (ALM). Please review the information below and follow the instructions to troubleshoot your issue. If after doing so you still have questions or experience difficulties, please contact Support.

How do I enable ALM?

  • ALM entitlement is based on subscription agreement. To check if you have this feature, access the Manage Models window from the Anaplan Launchpad. If the Compare/Sync button is displayed, ALM is enabled.
  • To gain access to this feature, please contact your Anaplan Business Partner.

How can I revert changes I’ve made to my Production environment via sync?

  • To revert structural changes made in a Production model, the changes must be made in the Development model and synced to Production. To do so, open the Development model and make the appropriate changes, creating a revision tag to capture these changes. Finish by syncing them to the Production model.

My sync failed. What do I do?

  • Review the error message received when the sync fails. If it references a line item, ensure the line item is in good form (i.e., properly formatted, all equations work correctly, there are no syntax errors, etc.).
  • Review your available workspace. Will the sync increase the production model size above your limit? If so, your sync will fail.
  • Check whether there is a revision tag in the Development model that has not yet been synced to the Production model.
  • If the previous actions do not resolve the issue, contact Support with a screenshot of the error, the source and model IDs, and the comparison report.
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