Changes to the user experience when your Anaplan service is under increased load


As many Anaplan users know, running large calculations or large imports/exports can, in certain instances have, a significant memory overhead on the Anaplan service. When this happens the Anaplan service needs to free up memory in order to remain healthy. Some users may have received the "Service Temporarily Unavailable" page in the past, which indicates the server is under particularly heavy load and is working to free up memory.

New Changes

As part of Anaplan's continued investment in its infrastructure, we are making changes which will affect the behaviour when the above scenario occurs. The "Service Temporarily Unavailable" page will be phased out, and no longer be seen by users. Instead, there will be a different experience, depending on where in the platform you are:

Scenario 1

When the service is under heavy load, and you click a model from Launchpad you will not progress past the page shown in the screenshot. If you encounter this screen, please retry accessing your model in a couple of minutes. If this continues, please contact Anaplan Support and provide the workspace and model you are trying to access. A screenshot of what you are encountering will also be useful to help us diagnose.

Launchpad image.PNG

Scenario 2

When the service is under heavy load and you are working in a model, you will see the request load continuously until the service is able to process it. In this case, you will no longer receive an error message and requests will complete in due course, allowing you to continue working with minimal disruption. If you encounter this scenario, please wait a few minutes to allow the service to recover. If you have any questions or concerns please contact Support.

Working in a model.PNG

If either of the above scenarios continues for longer than 20 minutes, you may receive a page displaying "504 Gateway Time-out". If this is the case, please contact Support with information on the workspace and model you are working in. Anaplan Support may need to restart your service in which case you could temporarily receive a "502 Bad Gateway" page until the restart completes.

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