Error message "Failed to locate model (source model)”


I’ve received the following error message:

“Failed to locate model (source model)”

What causes it and what should I do to resolve it?

How does it happen?

You will see this error if you have performed the following:

  1. Create an import between two models within the same workspace.
  2. Import the target model to another workspace.
  3. Attempt to run or edit the import in the new model, or attempt to create an new import using the import data source that was created in step 1. 

How do I resolve it?

  1. In the model which is showing the error, navigate to Settings > Source Models.
  2. Select the model which is the source of the import (note: the preceding workspace name will be incorrect).
  3. Click Edit Mapping; you will see the following warning at the top of the selection dialog box: "Original source model is not available."
  4. Select the workspace the source model is in from the dropdown, and then select the source model and click OK.
  5. Retry the import action, and it will now reference the correct source model.

Please contact Anaplan Support with any further questions. 

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