Community Boss

This program aims to recognize Anaplan advocates and the levels of participation that make up our amazing community, both online and offline. It runs on an annual basis, and Community Bosses are recognized in January, each year, and throughout the year with their special Community badges. Community Bosses are top advocates who have demonstrated their expertise in driving knowledge sharing in Community. These Community influencers offer a voice and frequently share their expertise and best practices.

Selection Criteria

  • You must be an Anaplan customer, partner, or employee to participate and/or be considered.
  • Community Bosses are selected annually, based on their previous year's engagement–through Kudos, Forum topics, replies, Accepted Solutions, and publication of knowledge base articles and blogs.
  • All members will need to re-qualify annually

Rewards and Benefits

  • Opportunity to speak at conferences, local events, and online events.
  • Discounts on Anaplan events.
  • Recognition blog post on Community.
  • Unique badge and identifier for easy recognition within the Community and additional weighting of Kudos. Sweet, sweet swag!