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Anaplan Community Release 19.2

Hey Anaplan Community,

Before we head off to the holidays, here are some of the latest updates to the Anaplan Community platform over the past few weeks.  Thanks for sticking around while we roll out bug fixes and additional features since our big release last month. We'll be back in January with plenty more!


  • Private Messages - It's beautiful now. Our private messaging functionality is not heavily utilized today in Community, but we hope to improve that over the coming months. With this first release, we've updated the style to be more modern, including threaded replies. Additional features including an improved editor and group chats will be coming in future updates.Stan_0-1576774792685.png
  • User Directory v1 released - We'll have additional updates on the way
    • Known bug: New default icons that turn into Godzilla. It will be fixed soon.
    • Known bug: Some roles may show up repeatedly.
  • Idea Exchange updated to the new design after a slight delay.
  • Content Archiving - We have rolled out version 1 of Content Archiving that will start to be tested throughout Community. As content is updated and changed, previously this was a painful process that may result in broken links and 404's. Instead, content that is removed will be updated with a link to the updated content (Content shown is not final ^_^ ).Stan_3-1576775461363.png
  • Updated Start Your Journey redirect
  • Updated Platform Releases redirect
  • Updated Community Boss page
  • Corrected Community Tile issues throughout Community
  • All users can now use the following HTML tags in their posts: ol, ul, table, tr, td
  • We’ve added several inline link editing options for when you are using the messaging editor. Now, when you click on a link or use the arrow keys to move the cursor over a link in your post, the inline link pop-up menu displays

  • Fed the mouse who spins the wheel that keeps Community going
  • Various fixes and tweaks to improve performance


As always - If you have any feedback or thoughts, let us know in the comments or at Community@anaplan.com.


Master Anaplanner/Community Boss

Re: Anaplan Community Release 19.2

Love the eaten by a monster page! @Stan 

Great to see many updates before the holiday season! 

Will definitely test out the new features! 

Master Anaplanner/Community Boss

Re: Anaplan Community Release 19.2

Hi @Stan


The community looks great once with those new releases and I am looking forward to the next ones.

I don't know if this happens to any other users but I thought I would let you know. Every time I am opening a new page or even add a comment on community I am logged out and need to log in again.


Happy holidays! 

Community Manager

Re: Anaplan Community Release 19.2

Manuela - That definitely should not be happening. Can you reach out to us at Community@Anaplan.com with your browser and operating system? We would be happy to look into this to see what is going on that may be causing this.