Community Release Notes - 2020.1 - January Updates

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Community Release Notes - 2020.1 - January Updates

Changes, bug fixes, and amazing stuff that our Community Ninjas accomplished this month:


  • authentication (login) now utilizes your Community account

    • Existing users of Community who did not previously have an account for will now have access

    • Users who existed in both platforms will now only need to utilize their Community account to login

    • Users who did not have an account in Community but did for must register on Community using the same email address to regain access to their account

  • Best Practices - added disclaimer that went missing during redesign

    • 4.png
  • Fixed missing/transparent private message button

    • 1.png
  • Registration Page update

    • We have removed the ability to use special characters in your Community username. This was previously an enforced policy but had been mistakenly left out of updates in the past

  • Idea Exchange status icons - removed links that were not functioning

  • Top/Hot Filters were backwards, so we renamed Hot to Top, and Top to Hot - problem solved🤖

  • Minor Content Sandbox updates.

  • Updated redirect for

  • Hypercare moved to /Programs

  • Updated Subprocessor section layout to bring it back into alignment with previous layout.

  • Updated our mail servers so folks can continue to receive notifications

  • Updated The Anaplan Way course launch button

  • User directory updates

  • Various updates to our Partner Community

  • Master Anaplanner rank icon updated

  • Sunset New UX Blog, migrated articles into Platform Release Blog

  • notifications of updates for 11/22 (added/removed banner and notification)

  • Component updates - we’ve been working to update components throughout Community to bring them better into our overall style and be able to be better utilized in the future. You’ll start to see these show up throughout Community, initially they are being rolled out on our Forums page.

  • Users Online Component rebuilt

    • 2.png
  • Top Solution Authors & top Kudoed Authors Leaderboard style updates - leaderboards are based on previous 30 days of data

    • 3.png
  • Search fixed - an issue was identified that prevented logged in users from reaching page 2 of search results when using a filter. We have since resolved this problem.

  • Honeycombs on homepage were rotated incorrectly - we fixed it.

  • Ask The Community widget updated to include “Contribute Content” option

  • Updated RecentPostsPage to remove broken components

  • Updated Community Dashboard widget on homepage (bottom) to have appropriate margins/padding

  • Labels added to the Forums

  • New component design deployed to Forums

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Re: Community Release Notes - 2020.1 - January Updates

Great updates, team!

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Re: Community Release Notes - 2020.1 - January Updates

I was really hoping for more of a response such as:




Or at least a


And you didn't even give me a