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Community Release Notes 2020.2 - February Updates

Welcome to another edition of our release notes.  These are a collection of updates we rolled out to Community over the past few weeks.  As always, let us know if you have any questions or feedback.

  • Updates to AMA Message Tiles
  • Fixes applied to Group Hub & Forums landing page message list so it looks more beautiful
  • Forums landing page updated to include updated message feed
  • Known issues/workarounds section updated
  • Forum 'filter by label' page updated
  • Labels improved in Forums
  • Resolved issue w/ Community tile in Community randomly not working for select users (we hope...)
  • COE section updated
  • Launched our Anaplan Talent Builder section
  • Launched Anaplan Live! March edition
  • Launched super secret <redacted> forum for Academy
  • Resolved issue with Content Sandbox displaying incorrect articles
  • Homepage latest activity component updated to only show top-level topics, not comments
  • Dozens of small/misc bug fixes

Coming soon...

  • New User Group Experience
  • Search Enhancements
  • Super improved <redacted>
  • Amazing awesome <redacted
  • <redacted> for <redacted> <redacted>

Known Issues:

  • Content that is "private" in Community will not be found in search.  This includes content in our Partner section, as well as any closed/early access groups.  We apologize for the inconvenience, and hope to have this resolved in a future release.
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Re: Community Release Notes 2020.2 - February Updates

@Stan - i knew there was an article on the updates... on Idea Exchange, liking the new toggles, could the filter by status be done in a similar way? Shame that have lost the count of ideas in the various buckets.

What has been <redacted>?

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Re: Community Release Notes 2020.2 - February Updates

I was hoping no one would notice (Hah)! We're hopeful to have it restored to its former glory soon. I just made a post here that summarizes some of the larger bugs we currently have in Community - We'll try to keep this updated as things come up!