Community Release Notes 2020.3 - March Updates

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Community Release Notes 2020.3 - March Updates

Hard to believe it's only been a month since the last update. While locked away in our homes, we've continued to push out changes and enhancements to the Community. Here's a recap of some of the latest:


Changes, updates, and cool new awesome stuff!

  • Introducing Group Hubs
    • You'll start to see this new functionality rolled out over the coming month which will be enhancing our Group capabilities in Community, allowing for improved subscriptions, content curation, and helping to bring people together around specific topics, goals, or projects in Community
  • Image ratios maintained
    • Everything should look better when it comes to images in Community - more enhancements will be rolled out over the coming weeks 
  • New article tile look
    • You may see this new article look around Community in the coming weeks and monthsStan_0-1585919908534.png
  • Bookmark/Subscribe buttons added
    • These are being rolled out in the coming months, but can now be found in our Release Blog and Community Blog 
    • Stan_0-1585918799716.png
  • Launched the Water Cooler forum
    • This is a general forum for off-topic conversations. Please review the Community guidelines for any questions or concerns

  • Renamed "Extensions and Add-ins" to "Third-party Add-ons"
  • Updated our Partner section 
  • We have enabled an improved text editor when using Community on mobile
  • Idea Exchange - various styling changes 
    • We're working on some future styling/performance changes to drastically improve this section!
  • Enabled group messaging - you can now start a private message with more than one user
  • Centers of Excellence styling updates
  • Fixed profile menu - Academy link so it is formatted properly
  • Automated stuff and things 🤖
  • Anaplan Helps launch
    • This is a mini App Hub specific to COVID19 apps that can assist during this time. More apps will be added in the coming weeks, with much thanks to the help of the Community and our Master Anaplanners in quickly putting these together.
  • New Integrations
    • Upcoming Events
      • Upcoming events will display upcoming events throughout Community Stan_0-1585919091430.png
    • Explore User Groups
      • Quickly find a group near you, or a virtual event 
    • My Events
      • Similar to upcoming events, this will display events you have already registered for. Clicking the title will link you to the page to download your tickets if necessary
    • Events
      • Events will show the latest event(s) coming up within a Group Hub Stan_1-1585919104750.png
    • User Profiles in Community updated to include the new Group Hub and integrations

Bug Fixes

  • Directory - Removed duplicate roles
  • Message filter logic updated
  • Fixed Label parameter not working (Stan updated NUX section)
  • Various styling/minor updates

Community related Idea Exchange Updates:

Master Anaplanner/Community Boss

Re: Community Release Notes 2020.3 - March Updates

Thanks a lot @Stan  It is really helpful. My personal favorites are


Water Cooler forum - Nice name forum.

Bug Fixes & Ideas delivered section


Looking forward to seeing the Group Hub section.