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March Community Highlights - Forums and Idea Exchange


Hey Anaplan Community,

It's time for us to share some Community updates around our top contributors, ideas, forum posts, and more.  This will be an expanding series over the coming months as we highlight all of the great activity our members are adding into the Community!

Most Forum Activity

Huge thanks to all of our contributors in the forums, for taking the time to help one another, and help everyone else in the Anaplan Community benefit from your knowledge and sol

  • @Misbah - 105 replies authored, 185 kudos received, 23 solutions authored!
  • @Jared Dolich - 105 replies authored, 139 kudos received, 21 solutions authored
  • @Sorna Raja Prabhu - 46 replies, 8 solutions authored, and 23 kudos
  • @Akhtar.shahbaz  - 37 replies, 6 solutions authored, and 34 kudos received
  • @Star - 37 replies authored, 26 solutions authored, and 3 kudos received

Top Idea Contributors

Hottest Ideas

These ideas got the most kudos in the past month - Check them out, give us any feedback you got, and keep the kudos coming!

Hottest Discussions (Lots of replies!)

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Master Anaplanner/Community Boss

Re: March Community Highlights - Forums and Idea Exchange

Congratulations @Misbah - well deserved - I learn something new from you every day.

Thanks @Stan - great to see the statistics and the unbelievably good content that everyone is sharing.

Very inspiring!

Jared Dolich
Community Boss

Re: March Community Highlights - Forums and Idea Exchange

@Jared Dolich  Thank you & Congratulations to you as well. The amount of positivity that you bring out with just writing is phenomenal.


@Stan Thanks for sharing the stats. It indeed is going to be game changer in a number of ways.


1. Community gets to know about hot topics 

2. Community gets to know the activity level of other members - can become morale booster to contribute more

etc etc.


Appreciate that!