New Community - complex navigation

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New Community - complex navigation

Hello All,

Am I the only one that finds the navigation in the new community is difficult and not intuitive? Or am i missing something?

1) There is no way to see all latest posts in ALL forums. The forums are under each new topic, so there is no way to see all the latest posts in all topics. I definitely think this is a miss. It is useful to see all latest posts at once, it makes it easier to replay and participate in the discussion.

2) I cannot find the product enhancement forum. It was very convenient to have all product enhancement requests in one place.

3) No link to the blogs. During the general session in Anaplan Hub 18, Simon Tucker declared that the blogs were an important part of the community. However, I could not find a way to access them from the community page. I had to google “Anaplan blog” to find the link.


Besides these navigation “issues”, I find the new community much better. I like the training section.

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The search function in the new community is pretty cool.


There are some common selection (checkboxes), that for me, help me filter out noise quite quickly.  


Click on the magnifying glass on the search bar, and it takes you to the search page.  From there, you can narrow your search quickly with the checkboxes on the left... and then key in criteria on top of that.