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Register for the Anaplan Community

Becoming a registered member of the Anaplan Community allows you to get connected and engage with Anaplanners worldwide.

To register for the Anaplan Community, follow the steps listed here:

  1. Navigate to https://community.anaplan.com.
  2. Click the Register button in the top-right corner of the page.
  3. The Create Your Community Account page will appear. Complete the fields listed:
    Create Your Community Account.png
    ● Username: Enter a username that will be publicly visible across the Anaplan Community.
    ● First Name: Enter your first name.
    ● Last Name: Enter your last name.
    ● Email & Confirm Email: Enter the email address provided by your organization. Please do not use personal email accounts.
    ● Role: Select whether you are a “Customer,” “Partner,” or “Other,” such as a prospect, student, or visitor.
    ● Company: Enter the name of the organization you are employed with. If not applicable, please enter “NA.”
    ● Complete the reCAPTCHA security check.
  4. Then, click the Create Account button.
  5. A success message will appear. As stated on the message, open your email to confirm your new Community account.
  6. Open the Confirmation Email and click the Activate Community Account button.
    Welcome Email.png
  7. The Welcome to Anaplan Community page appears. Complete the final fields below to active your account.
    Create Account 1.png Create Account 2.png
    ● Enter new password & Repeat new password:
    Enter a password for your account.
    ● Choose a forgot password question: Select a security question and enter a password.
    ● Add a phone number (optional): Enter your mobile phone number.
    ● Click a picture to choose a security image.
  8. Finally, click the Create My Account button. You will be redirected to the Anaplan Community homepage. 

That’s it! It’s that easy. Once you’re registered, you can start enjoying the benefits of becoming a registered Anaplan Community member, which include:

  • Engaging in the Anaplan Community by posting new topics in discussion boards, accepting Community responses as solutions, and giving and receiving kudos;
  • Earning recognition for your contributions and accomplishments, such as badges, leaderboard placing, and the Master Anaplanner program;
  • Receiving notifications about upcoming platform releases, events, community announcements, and other Anaplan Community activity;
  • And much more!

If you experience any issues with logging in to the Anaplan Community, such as in the image below, please contact community@anaplan.com.
Please contact community@anaplan.com if you experience any log in issues.Please contact community@anaplan.com if you experience any log in issues.

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Re: Register for the Anaplan Community


would it be please possible to use the Anaplan login? Most, if not all, people registering to the Anaplan community do have their Anaplan login. It's just a common sense to use it for both. Alternatively, you could use the Anaplan authentication for the community, the same way Facebook or Google authentications are used on numerous websites.

Thank you


Community Manager

Re: Register for the Anaplan Community

Hi @ji_ku,

Thank you for reaching out with this suggestion. Fortunately, this idea is currently on our roadmap for the Anaplan Community. We'll be looking into this in the future and will be sure to post any updates we have on it here on the Community.

Thanks again,


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Re: Register for the Anaplan Community

You gain access to Anaplan when you are added to it by someone from your organization. after getting added you recieve email from Anaplan about access then you reset the password and start with the model building and certification. 

Community has another Registeration Process .it depends on you if you want to have same user ID and password. but it can be different too ( Decision is yours).

You are absolutly right about the login process, it is similar login as social medias or anaplan login. Sometimes after getting regiseration, we can't access few portions. So you can ask enablement@anaplan.com to enable your access. ( Anyone find this info wrong, please feel free to correct me )