Switzerland user group - does it exist?


Does the Switzerland user group really exist? I found this link to the Switzerland using google

However, i n the "landing page" of the Anaplan user groups I don't see it (see screenshot attached).

So I am wondering if the group is active. If yes, Anaplan should make it visible in the main page so people can join in.

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Re: Switzerland user group - does it exist?

I heard the Swiss User's Group has some holes in it...

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Re: Switzerland user group - does it exist?

Hi Paul and @fabien.junod!


Apologies for not responding here Fabien! Our Switzerland User Group is live - however, it was only recently launched, so it is still in its infancy phase of gaining members. We'll be adding a tile for the Switzerland User Group later this month once we update the homepage to include our new Topic and Line of Business User Groups. Be sure to check back then!

Also please feel free to reach out to for any questions or to request changes to certain User Groups.