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Anaplan Community Release 19.1 - 11/21 -11/22

Launching the evening of 11/21 - Visit our Community Blog announcement! 

Feedback and Bugs - Visit our Feedback thread


Welcome to our first Community release notes. As we release changes and updates into Community, we'll start to post a change long here in the forums. We've rebuilt the look and feel of Community from the ground up to better support our end users, as well as allow us to remain flexible to the growing business demands.  Below is a sample of some of the larger improvements, with much more coming.  We encourage the Anaplan Community to send us any feedback & bug reports in the comments below, or reach out to us - Community@anaplan.com 

High-Level Change Log

  • Top Level Navigation - The most popular areas of Community are now included in our new navigation.


  • Ask the Community widget - Need help?  Want to submit an idea?  It's only a few clicks away with the help of this useful widget found on nearly all pages in Community.


  • Category Subscriptions - You can now subscribe to individual topics, boards, or entire categories/sections.   You can subscribe to almost anything in Community under the Options menu.2.JPG
  • Improved filtering and layout designs - Hello 2019 - We now let you filter down in most knowledge bases using numerous labels and filters.  Let us know how it works, and what else we can do to improve it.



  • Latest content in Community right on the homepage - We'll show you the latest right on the homepage.


  • Academy In-Person Classes and On-Demand Courses - Easier to use, sort through the various options, and find the best training for you.


  • Search Enhancements - Many improvements behind the scenes, with many more to come.


  • My Ideas and My Kudos improvements - Keep tabs on your submissions as well as the ideas you have placed kudos on.7.JPG
  • Improved Message Feeds - You'll see improved content feeds in community, with more imagery and videos throughout.


  • User Directory - Find the latest Certified Master Anaplanners, locate a Community Boss, and more.


  • Online Chat via the Support page - We also heard our users enjoy getting Support.  We have made this easier.chat.JPG
  • Forum Improvements - Check out the Forums landing page to see topics that need a response, the latest solutions, as well as those who are contributing the most.
  • New Avatars - Who doesn't love avatars?
  • Mobile friendly - We heard our users like to use cell phones. We still don't know what those things are, but we hope you'll enjoy the improvements we have made.
  • Online Chat via the Support page - We also heard our users enjoy getting Support.  We have made this easier.
  • Honeycombs - We really like these.
  • Accordions - You'll see this new feature start being used in more areas as a way to show you the latest and greatest content.
  • Site consolidation - We did some spring cleaning in November.
  • Improved Navigation Tiles - They are pretty great, and they grow when you hover over them.
  • Community Section improvements - We made a page that tells you who is on the Community team.  Because we love the Community team.
  • Pink
  • Enhanced landing pages for all sections - Is anyone still reading this long of a list?  You deserve a kudos if so.

We want your feedback!

Have a suggestion?  Found a bug?  Just want a friend to talk to?  We're here for you.  Reply to this topic.

Community Boss

Re: Anaplan Community Release 19.1 - 11/21 -11/22

since the update, I can say that the website is now much faster in APAC. thank you !
Nathan Rudman
Anaplan Model Builder
Community Boss

Re: Anaplan Community Release 19.1 - 11/21 -11/22

Also much faster in EMEA too! 


The addition of the live chat support is also a great idea!

Question - Should we be directing customers towards the live chat for support? or is the original method of contacting support@anaplan.com still the best option? 





Community Boss

Re: Anaplan Community Release 19.1 - 11/21 -11/22



In the filters it would be great to have a 'Best Practices' filter too.





Community Boss

Re: Anaplan Community Release 19.1 - 11/21 -11/22

I have created a feedback thread on the new community page in the community feedback section - https://community.anaplan.com/t5/Community-Feedback/New-Community-Platform-Feedback-Started-22-11-20...


Please contribute feedback to help the team

Community Manager

Re: Anaplan Community Release 19.1 - 11/21 -11/22

Whatever option our customers prefer is the best option
Community Boss

Re: Anaplan Community Release 19.1 - 11/21 -11/22

Monumental upgrade on the previous design, congrats team on the great work!
Community Boss

New Community Platform Feedback - Started 22/11/2019

Hi Community! 


I thought it would be a great to start a thread where we can post our feedback about the new the community platform both the things we like and what we may be having difficulties with:






So I'll go first:


Great things

- Much faster and cleaner pages

- The addition of Live Chat for support is amazing! 


Find Difficulties with

- Finding the user directory (haven't been able to find it)


Come improvements:

- When you hover over the top menu it would be great if there were drop down menus of what content / pages are there like on the old community page


I hope this helps! 


@AaronW @KayneSchwarz @emilydunn @Stan 



Certified Master Anaplanner

Re: New Community Platform Feedback - Started 22/11/2019

I also was having trouble finding the User Directory, think I finally found it at https://community.anaplan.com/t5/User-Directory/ct-p/UserDirectory however the page only says "Stay tuned - We are working on it!"


Also, the Community page looks like it's missing something - please see attached screenshot.


Overall though, it looks great and I'm excited to explore more. Great work, Community team!

Community Manager

Re: New Community Platform Feedback - Started 22/11/2019

@helennie Thanks for the note-  This should be resolved now.  As mentioned above, User Directory is unfortunately experiencing a few glitches, but hope to have it live shortly.