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My role on the Community team is Associate Community Technology Program Manager. I manage and respond to daily Community requests and assist users with access, navigation, their Community profiles, and general Community usage questions and concerns. I also manage the Community metrics in an effort to better understand what it is our users value and how we can best provide it.
I’ve been told that “stuff and things” is an acceptable answer. No? Okay, officially, I’m the Product Manager for the Anaplan Community. I work with our technology vendors and the amazing Community team to continuously improve our user journey in the Community. I’ve been working on the Community since I started with Anaplan in 2014, so I’ve pretty much done every job on the Community team.
As a Community Program Manager, I provide Anaplanners with opportunities to connect, collaborate, and share best practices through programs such as Ask Me Anything and User Groups. Working with Anaplan experts and leaders, and a talented Community team, my goal is to advance the use of Anaplan by connecting users around the world.
My role on the Community team is the User Groups Program Manager. I get to help create opportunities for Anaplanners around the world to meet both online and in-person to elevate their experiences with Anaplan and Connected Planning in general. We have dozens of Community discussion boards, offline meetups, and virtual livestream events throughout the year, all geared toward bringing people together to learn and exchange ideas.
I generally hide behind the scenes wearing a few different hats, depending on the situation, while helping turn the gears to keep improvements coming for Community. In the past year, I’ve been able to work with the greater Anaplan team to launch the Idea Exchange, a new Support experience, our Ask Me Anything program, as well as updates to our navigation and Forums.
I am a Community Content Manager, which means I help customers, partners, and employees bring content to the Anaplan Community. This includes everything from knowledge articles and blog posts to release notes and Ask Me Anything videos.
I am the Director of Community at Anaplan. This covers leading an awesome team who manage the experience in the Anaplan Community. Some call-out programs we own in Community include Master Anaplanner, User Groups, and Ask Me Anything.
Make Videos
I am a Community Content Associate, helping customers, partners, and employees bring content to the Anaplan Community. I am passionate about creating Community engagement that benefits our members.
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