Welcome to the Anaplan Community
Welcome to the Anaplan Community

The Anaplan Community is the go-to resource for Anaplan Model Builders and beyond. Our ecosystem is chalk-full of active and engaged platform experts, Master Anaplanners, Anaplan partners, and internal resources across our organization.

Our mission is to bring you, our valued Anaplan customers, partners, and up-and-coming talent, the best in platform support, best practices, model building standards, education, peer connections, career opportunities, and much, much more all in one, intuitive space.

Join us today (free registration), to find answers, share solutions, and connect with other Anaplanners just like you from around the world.

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Explore our Best Practices, Forums, Release Notes, and much more for all areas of the Anaplan platform.
Find and participate in local Groups near you.
Improve your knowledge of Anaplan with in-person and virtual training options.
Ask questions with other Anaplanners, share your best practices, and get answers on a variety of topics.
Best Practices
Hear from Anaplan experts on the best ways to use the platform.
The Planual provides a systematic set of standards for model building on the Anaplan platform.
All the news about your Anaplan Community and the world of Connected Planning.
Community Boss
Recognizing those who encourage, advise, and share within the Anaplan Community.
User Directory
Search for members by Community Boss, Master Anaplanner, and Available Talent.

Get to know the Community Team

I’ve been told that “stuff and things” is an acceptable answer. No? Okay, officially, I’m the Product Manager for the Anaplan Community. I work with our technology vendors and the amazing Community team to continuously improve our user journey in the Community.
I generally hide behind the scenes wearing a few different hats, depending on the situation, while helping turn the gears to keep improvements coming for the Community platform.
I am the Manager of Community Content, which means that my team and I help our customers, partners, employees, and even thought-leaders outside of the Anaplan ecosystem to bring amazing content and events to the Anaplan Community.

As the Groups Program Manager, I help create opportunities for mutual support, education, and shared knowledge for our Group members around the world. Groups are for everyone, so come connect with experts, expand your network, and move forward on your Connected Planning journey! If you would like to launch a Group or help lead one, let's talk!

My role on the Community team is Community Technology Program Manager. I manage and respond to daily Community requests and assist users with access, navigation, their Community profiles, and general Community usage questions and concerns. I also manage the Community data in an effort to better understand what it is our users value and how we can best provide it.

As a Community Content Program Manager, I deliver engaging content that provides Anaplanners with opportunities to connect and collaborate. Working with Anaplan experts and leaders, and a talented Community team, my goal is to advance the use of Anaplan by connecting users around the world.

I help manage the Groups program and connect Anaplanners in similar industries and LOBs.
I am a junior engineer. I work on the Anaplan Community platform side, making sure users have a nice experience using the Community website. I also create custom elements on pages to display our new and exciting information.
I work with Anaplan experts to produce video and written content for the Community. I am passionate about purposeful and engaging content.
I am the Director of Community at Anaplan. This covers leading an awesome team who manage the experience in the Anaplan Community. Some call-out programs we own in Community include Master Anaplanner, User Groups, and Ask Me Anything.
I manage the Anaplan Access program for up and coming talent currently outside of our ecosystem.
I produce amazing video content with our valued Community members.