Connected Planning Playbook Introduction

Over the last 5 years, Anaplan has pioneered a new age of Connected Planning, where “Planning for All People” has become a rallying cry for increased collaboration and cohesion for better, more informed decision making. The “Anaplan on Anaplan” (AoA) team was formed to lead the way in the best-in-class application of Connected Planning. Under this charter, the Anaplan on Anaplan team has realized some incredible results:

  • 60+ production use cases implemented across 7+ lines of business
  • Hundreds of hours of monthly time savings realized through streamlined business processes and automated data integrations
  • Days shaved off of Anaplan’s monthly close process
  • Faster decision making and turn-around time due to increased transparency and understanding of the business at every level

This playbook is designed to be a guide for our customers who have already deployed several use cases and are looking to up-level their Connected Planning ecosystem, or for those who are looking to deploy Connected Planning from the beginning. This playbook will offer up a series of recommendations, frameworks, and guidance on how to best roll out Connected Planning at your organization.

These recommendations are based on the findings and experiences of the AoA Team, the Anaplan Operational Excellence Group (OEG), and Anaplan’s Chief Planning Officer (CPLO) and are meant to provide a set of principles and foundational frameworks that can be adopted, adapted, and implemented across any industry, customer-size, and stage in your Connected Planning journey. Our goal is to empower you—our prospects, partners and customers—to stand up and realize the benefits of a best-in-class Connected Planning framework.

Happy planning!

The Anaplan on Anaplan Team

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