[IN PROGRESS] Adding Multiple Users to PROD Models

Adding Bulk Users to Production model


We know adding users manually into Anaplan models by click on add user option. If we need to add multiple users at a time into the PROD model (Deployed mode) then it is a time taking process to click on add user and add them one by one. There are two methods of importing multiple users in the model.

Method 1

Step 1: Create a Numbered List (Import User) in your model and make it a production list.



Step 2: Create the SYS module using import users and add line items to store the email, first name, last name, role & other required fields based on selective access lists and SSO.


Step 3: Create a saved view and publish it on the dashboard to enter the user details.


Step 4: Create a saved view for adding users to Anaplan by using new users filter, so that only new users will be added.


Step 5: Create an import action to add users to Anaplan.



Note: Make sure the access is provided only to the admins for the Import list and action so that only WSA access users can add the users.

Step 6: Create the system module (SYS Users) used for creating the fake users list.


Step 7: Create a view using the Load to Fake Users, so that only new users will be added to the fake users list.


Step 8: Create the action(ADMIN: Load Fake Users) to add users to Fake Users list.

Note: This action will be run only once after adding all the users to Anaplan.

Step 9: Once the PROD model is created from the DEV copy or this change is synced with PROD model. Go to the Import list and insert the rows that are required based on the number of users to be added. After adding the rows go to the system module(SYS Import users) and just fill the required fields or copy-paste the details if you already had it in the file.



Step 10: Run the import action (ADMIN: Load Users) that is created once the users details are added to the list.

Method 2

Step 1: Create the .txt/.csv File with mandatory fields to add the users.


Step 2: Import the file to users by click on the import option in the users tab and create the action(ADMIN: Load Users).



Step 3: Once the PROD model is created from the DEV copy or this change is synced with PROD model. Create the file using the template and save with the same name(Users.csv) that is present in the “Import Data Sources” for the action that you created.


Step 4: Go to the Actions tab and go to the “Import Data Sources” tab and click new source. Select the upload file option and load the file that you created (make sure the name on the file is matching with the Data source name of the import action.


Step 5: Run the import action to add users present in the file.


Using Method 1 & 2, we can add/update the access of multiple users with less effort into the PROD model(in Deployed mode).

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