[IN PROGRESS] Learning Using a Training Workspace

Creating a separate workspace for completing Anaplan training is a great idea to manage and monitor the building done by new model builders. It helps simplify the training setup process for new model builders while adding another element of control.

First, it allows the Center of Excellence to have more control over access. Without it, there are two scenarios where you may find access is inadvertently given to a user for other models: 

  • As a model builder must have Administrative Rights, this setting defaults ON for that user with any new model that is created in the same workspace. Whenever a new model is created (including by other model builders going through training) all admins will have access to the new model. 
  • A different flavor of the scenario above, once a user is given Administrative rights, that user also has Full Access to all models within the workspace. If the same workspace is used for active/production models, each of those models will have to be adjusted to remove the access for the trainee user.

Whether you're just starting out a model building team or looking to expand an established CoE, making the training easier to set up and manage by the CoE also means it is easier to develop internal talent by opening up training to a larger group of potential model builders.

There is a caveat to this. It may go without saying, but during periods where no user is going through active training the workspace is taking up valuable cloud space. While Anaplan support can scale the workspace size down to 1GB, the workspace cannot be completely reduced without deleting all active and archived models within that workspace.

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