Content Sandbox

A space for Community members to workshop and contribute content to the Community.

The Content Sandbox is your space to create new content, refine, and submit for review. Click the Create an article button to begin. Reference the Pro Tips for guidance on optimizing your content. And follow the blue buttons in the workflow to keep your content moving along. Remember to ‘Save’ your content to view it in the dashboard later and to continue working on a final version. When ready, select the ‘Submit for Review’ button.

Prefer to work directly in the Best Practice or How To sections? Now you can follow these same steps and submit an article for review, when ready!

Content submitted is not guaranteed to be published. All articles are subject to internal review by Anaplan subject matter experts. We recommend that you submit your topic idea as a first step, to save time and give your content the best chance for publication. Please follow the same process to submit your article outline—providing an outline only.

Please contact with questions.


× Note: This is a shared working space for all content contributors. CONTENT HERE IS NOT CONSIDERED FINAL-APPROVED. Approved content will appear in the appropriate section of Community when ready. Please respect the work of others. Do not edit content that is not your own. Doing so will result in administrative actions that may include revocation of content contributor privileges, removal of contributed content, and even account banning. Comments are disabled in this space.
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