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This template is an example of how you can use images to bring attention to each section listed in your article. This is useful when you may be using numerous screenshots and other graphcis to support your content. Take a look below!

Blue ImageAnaplanAImageBlue.png

Let's start this template with a blue section first! You can import the image you wish to add to your artilce, select the Size of Small, the Position of Left, and then click Done to add the image as you see it here. 

You can continue your paragraphs along side of the image just like these...

Or, if you space or write down far enough, you can continue your content directly below your image. Notice that the text will wrap around the image and continue into a paragrph below. Now, let's take a look at another layout.

Dual Images

AnaplanAImageGreen.png     AnaplanAImagePurple.png

As another quick example, you may upload two or more images side-by-side to compare screenshots, ideas, charts, and more! Use this template as a basis when creating your next article with a few images. 

Thanks for viewing this template. If you ave any questions, comments, or concerns, please contact

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