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Content on the Anaplan Community should aim to give customers the best possible experience here. We love that they take the time to share their questions, suggestions, and comments; we appreciate the value their content adds; and we want to support each and every one of them. We are respectful of their opinions and thoughtful in our responses. In every communication a customer reads, hears, or watches, we want our tone to convey that we are listening, we are here for them, and that we respect them.

Here are some tips, tricks, and examples to help you achieve a "Customer First" tone in all your content.


Many posts in forums are questions from customers that will lead to a response with instructions. It is important to remember when responding to posts with instructions that we must invite our customers to follow them rather than command them.


You might say: "Would you be able to take a screenshot of that? It would be a huge help if I can compare it to what I see on my end."
Instead of:"Please take a screenshot so I can see what's happening and compare it to what I see on my end."

You might say: "What I gathered from your question was...But I'm not entirely sure if that is what you need. Would you be able to help clarify?"
Instead of: "We need clarification on that."

You might say: "If you'd like, you can try..."
Instead of:"Try it out!"


We want to ensure our customers know that we are truly sorry for any inconvenience they experience. Please feel free to use the word "sorry" or "we apologize," and try your best to address the end result for the customer, not the end result for Anaplan.


You might say: "I'm so sorry for the interruption we've caused you."
Instead of:"I'm so sorry that our platform was down.

You might say: "I'm so sorry for the confusion. Unfortunately our platform doesn't work with that tool. Below are a few alternative suggestions that might help you get the job done!"
Instead of: "Sorry, that won't work on our platform."

You might say: "So sorry for this hassle; we'll be updating again soon."
Instead of: "We apologize for the delay."

Conversation Style

Our customers are smart and innovative people. While we are a B2B company, we need to remember we aren't talking to corporations—we are talking to humans. Always keep conversations respectful, but don't be afraid to keep the tone business casual. Remember to not speak on behalf of the company as a whole. Try using "I" instead of "we."


You might say: "Hi there! Great to hear from you. I'm so glad you asked!"
Instead of: "We appreciate you writing in."

You might say: "I'd love that feature too!"
Instead of: "We see the benefits of that feature."

You might say: "We're so excited to share our brand new feature and can't wait to show you how to add this to your account today"
Instead of: "This feature will be launched today."


We want our customers to always know that the person behind the computer screen is actually there and here to help them. We strive to use names whenever possible and are sure to invite a reply without demanding one.


You might say: "Hi there, [name]!"
Instead of: "Dear [name],"

You might say: "Hey, [name]! Sure thing, I can take care of that for you."
Instead of: "Yes, I can take care of that for you."


While we always want every post to be without error, we are human. Here are a few tips to ensure we are putting our customer first:

  • Ask someone to read your post if you aren't sure how the tone sounds.
  • Read your post out loud to make sure your meaning is clear.
  • Write your post in Word, and use its spelling and grammar checkers to prevent mistakes.
  • Try adding links to your response to further clarify your point.
  • Ask for help. The community team is always more than happy to help you! Reach out to us in the #anaplan-community Slack channel or email
  • Click post just once! Sometimes there's a delay, so if your response doesn't display right away don't worry. Just be patient and things are usually fine.
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