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The Community team relies on passionate, committed, knowledgable content creators to help ensure the ongoing growth of the Anaplan Community as a valuable resource for customers, partners, employees, and anyone interested in connected planning.

Content Contributors on the Anaplan Community play a very important role in ensuring there is always fresh, relevant content for members and visitors. As such, there are some basic expectations for those with this role:

  1. Specific knowledge. Content Contributors each offer something unique—a perspective, skill set, level of experience, or other knowledge that most others probably don't share. As a Content Contributor, you must have a specific topic (or topics) in mind that you wish to create content for and be qualified to address that topic. 
  2. Adherence to process. In addition to observing the Community House Rules required of all members, please familiarize yourself with and follow the Community style guides and best practices in your content creation. If it would be helpful, please use the provided templates to help with consistency. Help maintain a high level of professional-quality content that can help the Community continue to be a major differentiator for Anaplan.
  3. Regular contribution. In addition to having an idea for your first content contribution, you must be willing and able to continue to contribute on an ongoing basis. Be engaged! Write an article or process guide, record a video, or even just interact with other users regularly. However, please contribute something every 60 days (at least!) in order to maintain your Content Contributor status.
  4.  Help others. In addition to contributing regular content, please be (at least somewhat) active on the Content Contributor discussion board. Help other contributors workshop their ideas, stay on top of content news and tips, and collaborate with others on creating amazing content.
  5. Have fun. There's a lot happening on the Anaplan Community, and we're excited to have you with us!
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